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Summer Family Attractions

Discover family attractions near The QHotels Collection

Planning your summer holiday with the kids? We're here to help! We've handpicked our top recommendations for family attractions located near The QHotels Collection. Keep the whole family entertained with exciting destinations, all within an hour's drive of our hotels.

Best of all, children under sixteen stay free when sharing your room. Plus, our dedicated kids' menu ensures even the youngest travellers are satisfied. Dive into memorable family breaks with The QHotels Collection. Click here to view our full Family Friendly policy.


55 minute drive from Forest Pines Hotel, Lincolnshire

Embark on an adventure back in time by hunting for fossils at Mappleton. 

Highlights include:
• Learn about ancient creatures as you search for ammonites, corals, and molluscs. Most of the fossils date back to the Carboniferous, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.
• The rapid erosion of the Holderness coastline means new fossils appear regularly.
• Discover the charming village of Mappleton and enjoy the sandy beaches surrounding it.

Perfect for families, this activity combines fun and learning as you discover treasures that could be millions of years old!

<strong>HUNT FOR FOSSILS</strong>


40 minute drive from Slaley Hall Hotel, Northumberland 

Stargazing brings science alive and lets you experience the beauty of our natural world. Enjoy the Milky Way and meteors at Northumberland National Park, home to the most pristine dark skies in England.

Highlights include:
• Discover famous constellations like Orion and Taurus, or have fun creating your own star shapes.
• Stargazing from Cawfields, where Hadrian's Wall hangs on the edge of the sheer crags of the Whin Sill.

Great for children and adults alike, stargazing offers the chance to see a shooting star whizz across the sky. What will you wish for?

<strong>DARK SKIES STARGAZING</strong>


30 minute drive from Nottingham Belfry Hotel, East Midlands

Experience one of history’s most spectacular sporting contests at the Grand Medieval Joust at Bolsover Castle. Witness lances shatter and feel the thunder of hooves as reputations are won and lost.

Highlights include:
• Watch as four legendary knights—The Wyvern, The Wildman, Sir Lancelot, and Jason of the Argonauts—compete for honour and glory.
• Explore the astonishing riding school and the beautifully recreated garden, transporting you to a bygone era.
• Enjoy stunning countryside views from the restored wall walk.

Available from 24 - 26 August. 

<strong>GRAND MEDIEVAL JOUST&nbsp;</strong>


35 minute drive from The Park Royal and 55 minute drive from Crewe Hall, Cheshire

Brand new for summer, watch the zoo transform into a twilight wonderland and spend your evening with some of the planet’s most endangered species.

Highlights include:
• Say goodnight to Edie, the giraffe calf, and meet the zoo’s newest arrivals, snow leopards Yashin and Nubra.
• Meet Betsy the triceratops and her prehistoric friends as they dance the night away with you.
• Encounter Phileas & Fogg from Jules Verne’s 'Around the World in 80 Days' as they pass through the zoo.

Available from 13 – 25 August, from 3pm – 8pm.



20 minute drive from Ashford International Hotel, Kent

Discover the secret lives of woodland creatures at Leeds Castle this summer. Journey through lush woodlands and uncover the miniature-crafted homes of our forest friends.

Highlights include:
• Encounter Colin the Common Frog lounging by the river and learn about his fascinating life.
• 12 charming locations to explore along the Woodland Walk to the Pavilion Lawn.
• On weekends during the school holidays watch the woodland animals come to life with live characters.

Available from 24 July - 26 August

<strong>WOODLAND TRAIL</strong>


31 minute drive from DoubleTree by Hilton Oxford Belfry, Oxfordshire

Step into a world of speed and steam at Didcot Railway Centre! Perfect for all ages, it offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for grandparents, a fascinating day out for parents, and an exciting adventure for children. 

Highlights include:
• Enjoy a scenic journey through the Oxfordshire countryside on magnificent restored steam trains.
• Explore over 15 preserved locomotives and learn about their history.
• Discover fascinating exhibits at the Railway Museum, from a vintage platform ticket machine to brass nameplates.

<strong>DIDCOT RAILWAY CENTRE</strong>