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Top tips for organising a seamless office Christmas Party

As the weather turns cooler, office chatter is likely to turn to one of the biggest nights of the year – the office Christmas party. Which someone still needs to plan, of course. If you have the honour this year, follow our tips below for a merry and bright planning process. 


1. Pick a suitable date and time

Don’t worry! You’re not too late to plan your Christmas event, but now’s the time so you can make sure most of your colleagues can attend. Check when people are available and then settle on a date and time based on the group consensus.


2. Set the budget 

When planning any event, knowing your budget upfront is essential to its success. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and splash out on an amazing venue only to be left without cash for food and drinks. If your company is funding the ‘do’ ask for a clear budget to cover all costs, or if employees need to pay their own way, consider doing a poll to check how much they’re happy to spend.

Once you’ve determined your budget for your Christmas event, carefully split the amount over everything needed for the big day. It can be helpful to book a party package with everything included to get more bang for your buck. 


3. Go with a theme 

Wondering how to make your corporate Christmas event extra special? Try a theme. For a traditional take, you can opt for themes like winter wonderland or ugly sweaters. If you want to go off-book, you can go for unconventional themes like tropical Christmas luau or Victorian high tea. There’s a festive party theme to suit every business, so have fun with it! Just remember to put the dress code (or dress-up code) on the invites. 


4. Decide on food and drinks 

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a sensational spread. It can be traditional, like roast turkey, veggies, gammon, and wine, or be totally different, like sliders, samosas, fruit kebabs, and cocktails. You’ll know what food and drinks your colleagues enjoy, and what will best suit your chosen theme, so go with your gut. Just remember to ask people about dietary requirements and provide some low or no alcohol drinks so everyone is catered for.  


5. Think about entertainment 

If you’re celebrating an amazing year, there are tonnes of ways to make your party really pop. Popcorn, coffee and Christmas cookie stands, for example, might be fun additions to your event. And carollers, a piano player, and even Father Christmas himself could be the cherry on top of an event well done. If you’re on a budget, a Christmas quiz or dance-off can liven things up.


6. Get the invites out ASAP!

Once you’ve got all the details ironed out for your office Christmas party, don’t forget to send out your invites. Preferably as early as possible, so everyone can add it to their calendar and plan around it. The more who can attend, the merrier! 


If you’d like some help planning the perfect Christmas ‘do’ for your colleagues, get in touch today and let our expert team help. Contact our Central Events Desk on 020 3988 3660 or email [email protected]