QHotels Wedding Speech Awards 

In June this year, we launched our search for the UK's best wedding speech. Our competition has now come to a close and we are delighted to announce the first, second and third place winners in our Wedding Speech Awards.

Taking the number one spot following a nationwide vote, are Kevin Lake and Craig Adlington, from Scunthorpe. They left best friend Phil Lusby and new wife Wendy stunned with their fresh new take on the traditional best man's speech.Click here to watch the winning speech. 

Starting out with the cheeky anecdotes and crowd-pleasing jokes expected of a best man's speech, it soon takes an unexpected turn, as the joint best men burst into a personal rendition of the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' rap, detailing the bride and groom's journey to their big day. 

Kelly Rossiter from South Wales took second place with her emotional, Adele-inspired wedding serenade for the bride and groom, and Jozanda Summerbell, from Preston, came in third with her loving, personal rendition of 'Your Song' for her new bride. Click here to watch Kelly's speech, and here to watch Jozanda's. 

Offering advice for future speech-givers, winner Kevin Lake said: "Practice makes perfect, but chances are there will be a few small slip ups and mistakes on the day, and we came to realise that it's OK - people expect a few mistakes, so just pick up where you left off and carry on.

"I think you need to take every opportunity you can to practice though. My wife and kids probably knew the lyrics to my rap even better than I did, I even practiced to the driver that picked me up to take me to the wedding that morning. It was nice to get a final opinion before I revealed the big speech!"