Organising Wedding Boards Through Pinterest

One of the best things about Pinterest is that there is such a wealth of inspiration available to help you.  With so many different components to wedding planning it really makes sense to organise different ideas onto different boards and this is how we recommend doing it.

You could create different boards to house ideas regarding:

Bridal style- Think dresses, accessories, shoes, make-up and hair styles - we're sure our brides won't need too much direction here!

Bridesmaid outfits- Perhaps incorporating ideas related to your colour theme, you could include fabric swatches, dress styles, bouquet ideas as well as accessories, make-up and hairstyle pictures.

Groom, ushers and page boys- Making use of the chance to explore different ideas in terms of colour and style, putting all of these ideas together means that you can develop consistent ideas that could be informed by your bridesmaid outfits, and vice-versa.

Venue- Though the promise you're making to your future spouse is obviously the most important point of the day, the place where you get married will always have a special association for you - so it's important that you love it! As you can pin images from any website if you install the Pinterest button to your browser, get looking at venues in your desired area and organise them onto your venue board to help keep track with beautiful visuals.

Photography- Though this will be put into the hands of a trusted professional, deciding upon the style of photography you want can help inform your decision when it comes to actually booking your wedding photographer. Look at whether you prefer candid or posed, vintage-style or modern photographs, for example.

Themes- Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of the wedding, your chosen theme can go on to help inform everything, from the time of year you get married to the outfits and the colour scheme. Whether you're after something modern and chic or more handmade and rustic, you can create as many boards as you like until you make your decision! These boards could include ideas about everything wedding related, from stationary to d├ęcor, and as such make a great starting point for your idea-hunting.

  • I use aspirational themes like "Up and Away" to inspire me

    "For events that use balloons or other whimsical imagery related to flying away, I use aspirational themes like "Up and Away" to inspire me, or, for example, "Sew in Love" for weddings and parties that used twine, stitches, and other homemade design elements."

    Vera Devera

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  • I had my pick of all kinds of crafts, party and home projects to inspire me

    "Pinterest played a big part for me because I didn't just draw from Wedding boards - I had my pick of all kinds of crafts, party and home projects to inspire me and adapt for my own uses."


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