Creating Wedding Boards Through Pinterest

Once you've set your Pinterest account up, you'll soon find that the site is really simple and easy to use.

Having a scroll around the front page of Pinterest, or even the default wedding page (where all images tagged with 'wedding' show up) is a great way to get used to the functionality of the site.

Before you're ready to start pinning, you need to create a board so those pins have somewhere to go.  To do this, just follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the little plus symbol next to your photograph and name,  

2. Select 'create a board'. This will bring up a little menu where you enter the name of your board, along with a short description.

3. You can also choose which category the board sits in - be sure to select the 'weddings' option so your board gets seen in the right places.

Create A Board

On this menu, you can also add contributors who will then be able to pin to your board too. This could be particularly useful if you wish for your partner to collaborate on wedding ideas!  Or to show your bridesmaids or wedding planner the kind of ideas you're thinking about incorporating into your boards. If you'd like to populate these boards first, you can always add 'pinners' later by clicking the 'edit board' button at the top of the page.


While you'll find information about the kinds of boards you could create later in this guide, once you've created a board you're ready to get pinning. 

To pin an image, click on the red 'Pin it' button and select which board you'd like to pop it on - easy peasy!

Pin -it

You can also 'pin' images from other websites, outside of the Pinterest world. To do this, you'll need to install the Pinterest button so that it appears in the toolbar at the top of your browser - you can find out more information about this  here.

Once you've installed the button, hovering over any image, on any site will bring up a little 'pin it' button. Along with the image, a link to the site you found it on will carry across to your desired board too, meaning that you've created not just a scrapbook of ideas, but a directory of websites that you can go back to and order from later.

Pinterest Button

Before long, you'll have a plethora of images over a whole range of different boards that will really help inspire and inform all the cosmetic decisions when it comes to your wedding.

  • I use aspirational themes like "Up and Away" to inspire me

    "For events that use balloons or other whimsical imagery related to flying away, I use aspirational themes like "Up and Away" to inspire me, or, for example, "Sew in Love" for weddings and parties that used twine, stitches, and other homemade design elements."

    Vera Devera

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  • I had my pick of all kinds of crafts, party and home projects to inspire me

    "Pinterest played a big part for me because I didn't just draw from Wedding boards - I had my pick of all kinds of crafts, party and home projects to inspire me and adapt for my own uses."


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