Terms & conditions of membership

1.1. In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:
1.1.1. “The Leisure Club”, “Us”, “We” and “Our” means QHotels Holdings at the location noted in this Contract.
1.1.2. “Member” “You” and “Your” means the member named on the attached Application Form and the Member’s guest whenever such person uses The Leisure Club facilities and services.
1.1.3. “Application Form” means the membership application form completed and signed by the Applicant (“The Applicant”).
1.1.4. “Membership” means Membership of The Club through which services to the extent provided on the Application Form and defined in these Terms and Conditions is granted.
1.1.5. “Membership Period” means the period as set out in Clause 2
1.1.6. “Membership Fees” means the annual or monthly sums due from the Member to us in consideration for the granting of Membership under this Contract.
1.1.7. “Wet Areas” means any swimming, sauna, spa or steam room area.
1.1.8. “Contract” means the completed Application Form together with these Terms & Conditions.
1.2. Membership is subject to these Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.
1.3. Submission of a completed Application Form to Us is an offer by the Applicant to become a Member subject to these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to reject any Membership application without giving reason.
1.4. Subject to these Terms and Conditions individuals aged 16 or 17 years old may apply subject to producing written parental consent and any additional requirements which we may impose from time to time.
1.5. You may not loan Your Membership or permit its use to anyone else.
1.6. Upon becoming a Member, you consent to us contacting You via telephone, mail and email. You consent to us taking your photograph for Membership and security purposes. Provided we give reasonable notice, we reserve the right to take photographs of our facilities (which may include You provided Your inclusion is incidental) for press and promotional purposes.

2.1. Acceptance as a member is for a period of no less than 12 months. Monthly paying members must serve 1 Calendar months’ notice to terminate their membership.
2.2. We reserve the right to alter/amend any prices/rules/ regulations in this document at any time including that of member’s benefits.
2.3. We reserve the right not to accept / renew any application without giving reason as well as refuse applicants of Direct Debit option.

3.1. Termination of membership will only be accepted in writing, signed and addressed to the Membership Manager and sent via recorded delivery. Proof of postage is not proof of receipt. Postage time should be allowed in accordance with the notice period of 1 month.
3.2. Any member who misuses any facility at QHotels, or interferes with the enjoyment of others, will have their membership terminated immediately.
3.3. In the event of termination by QHotels or under this regulation, no monies will be refundable to the member.
3.4. In the event of termination by the member, no monies will be refunded.
3.5. The Country Club membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.

4.1. When changing bank accounts from one bank/branch to another, notification must be given in writing to the Membership Administrator by the 15th of the month. Failure to do so will result in the payment being requested from your existing bank account – should there be insufficient funds to cover the payment you may incur bank charges.

5.1. QHotels do not accept liability for loss, theft or damage to any personal belongings.
5.2. QHotels cannot accept any liability for accident, injury or misadventure. Members and their guests are responsible for making their own insurance arrangements in respect of any injuries suffered or caused to them or caused by them to any third party.
5.3. QHotels cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to property belonging to any member or a guest.

6.1. Members agree to be bound by the Rules & Regulations of the Club.
6.2. The proprietors reserve the right to make changes to the Rules & Regulations and agree to give members reasonable notice of any such change.
6.3. The proprietors reserve the right to terminate membership for serious breach of the rules, or conduct which, in the proprietors ‘reasonable opinion, is damaging to the character or interest of the Club or offensive to other members or staff.
6.4. All members must complete a General Health Questionnaire.
6.5. Members must advise staff of any disability such as blindness, deafness, heart condition, epilepsy and other conditions etc. prior to using the facilities so that they help avoid accidents, injuries or misadventures to themselves or others.
6.7. While using the Club facilities all members accept responsibility for their state of health and physical condition.
6.8. Members ‘behaviour in the Club must not constitute a security or safety hazard to themselves or others.
6.9. Absolute discretion is retained by QHotels to reject any application or renewal of membership without ascribing any reason to do so.
6.10. QHotels will compensate any member for any loss or damage they may suffer if QHotels fail to carry out its obligations under this agreement to a reasonable standard or breach any duties imposed on us by law (including if we cause death or personal injury to you by our negligence) unless that failure is attributable to: a. A Members own fault. b. A third party unconnected with provision of service under this agreement; or c. Events which neither QHotels nor its suppliers could have foreseen or forestalled even if we had taken all reasonable care.
6.11. No pets will be permitted in the Club or its grounds with the exception of guide dogs.
6.12. QHotels may close or withdraw all or any part of the Club or course facilities at any time when it may be deemed necessary by QHotels for repair, maintenance, alteration or for safety reasons or alternative use for such period as may be deemed necessary to satisfactorily complete any works.
6.13. Cars must be parked correctly in the car park giving due attention and priority to disabled users.
6.14. Members are entitled to use the parking spaces available while visiting the
Club facilities. QHotels reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member found to be using the parking spaces for other purposes other than visiting the Club.
6.15. No illegal gaming and betting shall be allowed in the Club or on the premises.
6.16. Members must leave all bags and outdoor clothing in the lockers provided. All items are left at owner’s own risk and QHotels will accept no liability for loss, theft or damage to any personal belongings.
6.17. Photography and the recording of images of any kind are only allowed with the prior written authorisation of QHotels.

7.1. Membership may only be “Frozen” for pregnancy, redundancy or physical incapacity through long term injury or illness if supported by medical evidence at the time. The request to “Freeze” a Membership must be received in writing, a request for a Membership “Freeze” for any of the above reasons will not be granted in retrospect. The period of “Freeze” is for a minimum of three months and a maximum of nine months. An administration fee of £10.00 per person per “Frozen” month will be payable.

8.1. All cancellations must be advised to Golf Reception /The Golf Shop within 24 hours of the booked tee time. QHotels Slaley Hall reserves the right to charge for any tee times booked and not utilised by members (including any reduction in numbers in a tee time). If the problem persists then the following playing restrictions will be enforced.
8.2. 2 x no shows in a 3-month period = caution letter, 2 x additional no shows in the following 3 months = reciprocal player rights removed for 1 month, 2 x additional no shows in the following 3 months = all playing rights removed for 1 month 2. No more than one tee time can be booked by a member at any one time.
8.3. Before commencing play, all players must report to golf reception / golf shop and produce their personal membership card.
8.4. All golfers will be expected to play from the 1st tee, unless otherwise instructed to do so.
8.5. On occasions there may be a need to restrict trolleys/buggies due to adverse weather conditions. Exemption from this can only be granted on production of a valid Doctor’s Certificate. (In extreme weather conditions, there will be a total trolley ban enforced).

9.1. The Rules of Golf and QHotels Golf Course Etiquette must be adhered to at all times.
9.2. No denim / jeans / tracksuits are allowed: trousers or tailored shorts must be worn, and all shirts must have a collar. Please note short socks are permitted. Golf shoes must be worn on both courses however trainers may be worn in special circumstances. All golf shoes are to be soft spikes.

10.1. A golf handicap will be allocated after three completed score cards are received by the handicap controller. Any junior member wishing to obtain a handicap must play with an adult member with an official handicap on the course in order for the score cards to be accepted.
10.2. Competitions are organised for junior members and these are run in conjunction with a computerised handicap system.
10.3. Members Priority Tee Times – members will be granted priority tee times on certain days of the week / weekend There will be times when play is not possible due to corporate or society days taking place.
10.4.1. Applicable for full paying adult members only.
10.4.2. Reciprocal golf cannot be booked if the member has left or is ‘suspended’.
10.4.3. Each member can take 3 guests per booking; guests receive prevailing member guest rate.
10.4.4. Corporate x12 four balls across the group (only one tee time per booking).
10.4.5. Up to a maximum 7 day booking window for all reciprocal bookings.
10.4.6. After 12pm weekends only.
10.4.7. All reciprocal golf must be booked through the members home club only.
10.4.8. Subject to availability and not in conjunction with any other offer.
10.4.9. QHotels reserve the right to amend or remove this reciprocal playing privilege without notice.

11.1. Membership entitles an individual to use of the Club’s facilities subject to the terms and conditions of their chosen membership category, tariff rates and availability of classes and facilities.

12.1. Every member, including juniors will receive a membership card which is required to gain access to the Club. An administration fee will be charged to members for a replacement membership card.

13.1. Each adult member can apply for a maximum of two junior memberships for children up to the age of 16 years.
13.2. At the age of 16 years, members may choose to pay an adult membership and use all the facilities (subject to the details completed on the General Health Questionnaire prior to using the gym and/or classes), or they can continue as a junior member until they reach the age of 18 years, on the basis that they are supervised at the Club and can only use the swimming pool. For safety reasons children must be supervised as follows: 1 adult for every 1 child under the age of 5 years. 1 adult for every 2 children providing both children are between the ages of 5 and 8 years. 1 adult for every 3 children providing 2 of the children are between 5 and 8 years and the 3rd child is over the age of 8 years and a competent swimmer. No child under the age of 16 years is allowed in the pool area unattended.
13.3. Children over the age of 7 years should use own sex changing rooms.
13.4. QHotels health & fitness Clubs are primarily designed for adult leisure and relaxation. Junior members must be accompanied and supervised at all times by their parent or guardian and their use of the facilities is restricted. Junior members shall remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times while on QHotels premises and their parent or guardian agrees to ensure that each junior member is fully aware of and adheres to the
Clubs Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations at all times when on the Club premises. Junior members may not use the fitness and aerobics studio, whirlpool spa, steam room or sauna. Junior members under 14 years of age are not allowed in the bar unless there is a children’s certificate, granted by the magistrates in force. If such a certificate is in force, then certain conditions will apply. Notice of such conditions will be displayed.

14.1. Members over 18 years of age are welcome to introduce up to 2 guests on any day to the Club. Guests must register, complete a Club waiver form, pay the current guest fee (details of which shall be provided on request) and must be accompanied by a member. QHotels are unable to take advanced booking for guests. Each member can introduce the same person no more than 6 times per year and will be given a guest registration form. Members must ensure that their guests are fully aware of and adhere to the Club’s Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations at all times while on Club premises.

15.1. For security reasons and the benefit of other members all lockers must be emptied at the end of each visit. All lockers will be checked and emptied at the end of each day. Members can claim the contents we have removed up to 6 weeks after removal. After 6 weeks we will not be responsible for any contents we remove from the lockers and we reserve the right to dispose of any unclaimed items.

16.1. Bookable facilities may be reserved either up to 8 days in advance at the leisure.
Club between 7am- 10pm each day, or up to 1 week in advance by telephone between 9am-10pm.A member can book in advance each individual facility for one session only per day. All booked facilities must be confirmed when checking in, no later than 5 minutes prior to the booked time, otherwise the booked facility will be released to a member on the waiting list or if there is no waiting list the booked facility will be made available to all members. There is an additional charge for some of the facilities and details of such charges are available on request. Any facilities or classes cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time will be subject to a charge unless the cancelled time slot is taken by another member, as will
any facilities which are booked and not used. Cancellation charges apply to all categories of membership, details of charges are available on request.

17.1. Smoking is prohibited in the Club.

18.1. Advanced bookings are limited to one session per day. All classes should be pre-booked.
18.2. Members must wear appropriate clothing and footwear at all times.
18.3. Members who have booked a class must report to reception 5 minutes before commencement of the class. Late arrivals may have their booked class released to the waiting list or if there is no waiting list the time slot will be made available to all members.
18.4. Members arriving after the warm-up will be excluded from participating for safety reasons.
18.5. Drinks may only be taken into the aerobics studio in a plastic
re-sealable container.

19.1. In the interest of safety, no person under the age of 16 years will be admitted to the gym (except during designated, supervised sessions).
19.2. All equipment has been designed and tested to be safe with the correct
use. Members must ensure for their own safety that they receive full instructions before commencing their first workout and thereafter follow their personal workout programme.
19.3. Members are asked to dress appropriately for each activity.
19.4. At peak times the Club has the right to limit use of cardiovascular equipment to 15 minutes.

20.1. Members must wear appropriate swimming attire in the pool area.
20.2. Members must shower on entering the pool area, especially before and after using the sauna or steam room, and always shower immediately before entering the spa pool.
20.3. Smoking is prohibited.
20.4. Shaving should be restricted to the vanity areas provided and is not permitted at any time in the shower, steam room, sauna or any other part of the club.
20.5. Members must always wear goggles in the sun shower and sunbed and read and observe the rules for safe tanning.
20.6. For safe spa bathing, visits are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.
20.7. Bags and outdoor clothing must be left in the lockers provided.
20.8. Members must read and observe the notices displayed in the pool area.
20.9. Children under 16 years must be under the strict supervision of their parents at all times, with: 1 adult for every 1 child under the age of 5 years. 1 adult for every 2 children providing both children are between the ages of 5 and 8 years. 1 adult for every 3 children providing 2 of the children are between 5 and 8 years and the 3rd child is over the age of 8 years and a competent swimmer.
20.10. No child under the age of 16 years is allowed in the pool area unattended. Any child in the pool area is the responsibility of their parent or guardian
who shall ensure that their children are fully aware of and adhere to the Club’s Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations.
20.11. Children not yet toilet trained must wear an appropriate swim nappy.
20.12. Children must vacate the pool immediately at the end of the designated children’s swimming time. Children’s swimming times may vary slightly from Club to Club, please check published opening times displayed in the Club.
20.13. Children, under the age of 16 years, are not allowed use of the steam room, sauna or whirlpool spa.
20.14. Members must not enter the pool while under the influence of alcohol or after a heavy meal.
20.15.A poolside telephone or alarm is provided in case of emergency.
20.16. Diving is not permitted.

21.1. during the initial contract term of Membership, You are unable to cancel Your Membership, other than:
21.1.1. Where we are in material and continued breach of the Contract; or
21.1.2. Due to genuine and relevant medical reasons (supporting professional documentation must be supplied).
21.1.3. In both cases, all Members without exception must give 30 days’ written notice of cancellation; such notice to begin from the first of the month after written cancellation is received.
21.1.4. If you relocate within a 10 mile radius of a QHotels Leisure club we will
automatically transfer your membership to this club advising of any changes of membership rates.
21.2. If you wish to cancel your membership within the initial contract term of membership (see Clauses 2.1, 2.2, 2.3) we will levy a penalty charge by way of compensation. Such penalty charge shall be equal to the total of any outstanding balance on the remainder of the membership contract plus any other costs incurred in pursuing the penalty. In addition, any other outstanding balances become immediately payable. We reserve the right without prejudice to take legal action to recover any outstanding balances.
21.3. We are not obliged to refund any Membership Fees where You have not cancelled. Your direct debit instruction with your bank and You have not given valid notice in accordance with Claus.