Holistic Spa Treatments At The Spa At The Midland, Manchester

At The Spa at The Midland we offer three fantastic hollistic therapies each available for £65 for 55 minutes


This gentle therapeutic pressure point massage is applied to the feet.  The pressure applied by our therapists' hands can detect crystalline deposits and blockages along the energy lines, which correspond to imbalances felt within the body.  Unblocking these lines restores the balance and promotes self-healing.

Indian Head Massage

Ideal for any head, neck or shoulder tension. Includes a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a reviving scalp massage to improve circulation and to relax you. Finishing with a soothing head massage using pressure points and drainage techniques to help ease headaches and sinus problems.

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

This natural and relaxing therapy is completely painless and helps to rebalance the ear by drawing out impurities. It is used as a method of relieving stress, removing excess wax and clearing the sinuses.


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