Thermal Experience Spa in Manchester

There are five sensational thermal areas in our spa that will help you to relax and unwind. 


Our unique Alder wood sauna, complete with Himalayan salt block wall is heated at a constant 85 degrees for your optimum relaxation and comfort. come in for a 10-15 minute session before your treatment, after your workout or just for some relaxation.

Salt-infusion aromatherapy steam bath

Our salt-infused aromatherapy steam room combines salt and steam to create a sea atmosphere, helping you breathe more easily, relax and clear the mind.

Lifestyle shower

Immerse yourself in two unique showering expereinces. We've combined heat and light with water to create the Caribbean storm shower and the Arctic rain experiences. The shower is designed to rapidly heat up or cool down the body depending on which option you choose, and will help to stimulate the body's circulatory system. Take time to enjoy an invigorating cleansing experience within the city.

Heated relaxation pool

Warmed to a comfortable temperature, our relaxation pool will gently soothe the day's stresses away. 

Swan Neck Fountain

Found on the side of our relaxation pool, this jet of water can ease shoulder and neck tension. Just hover below the surface for light pressure, or rise above the water line for a more invigorating experience.