Relaxation Areas

There are four sensational relaxation areas in our spa that will make you feel like you again. 


Big Sleep

Our three sleep chambers are ergonomically created for comfortand tucked away to ensure privacy whilst you rest your eyes and snooze the hours away.

Hanging Pods

Our feature pieces, four hanging cocoons that can fit one or two people each. Just slide in, curl up, and read, snooze or just try to imagine how you could really be in the centre of Manchester right now! 

Time out

Settle into our two mini relax zones, which can be closed off for groups on prior booking basis or just enjoyed for their deep benched seats you can just kick back and relax on. 

Lounge Seating 

Kick back, relax and take in the ambiance of the relaxation suite in our sound counciling egg chairs and deep set seating. The perfect escape for a much needed moment of peace.