Our experienced and dedicated wedding team at Telford Hotel & Golf Resort are ready and waiting in the wings to help you plan your special day. Whether you want your married life to begin immediately or you are looking to host a wedding in the next few months. Our wonderful Events Co-ordinator Danielle will be by your side to plan the most special day of your life

Now, it's over to Danielle...

Tell us a little bit about yourself Danielle...

I have worked in the hotel industry now for over ten years and at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort for the last 4 1/2 years.                                          

As a group of hotels we have won some fantastic awards, all of which convey the passion, commitment and professionalism we extend to all our clients providing them with fantastic service and a truly memorable experience. 

What is the main piece of advice you'd give someone about to start planning a wedding? 

"I am responsible for arranging all the weddings at the hotel and each and every wedding is unique and personal. If I was to give one piece of advice, it would be to keep a detailed diary - write everything down - it can be so easy to tuck all those ideas away in the back of your mind but as the wedding draws closer, the sleepless nights and worrying start about how the day is going to come together. By writing everything down, it helps to keep your mind clear and ensures that the planning process is exciting, enjoyable and relaxing."