Our experienced and dedicated wedding team at Tankerlsey Manor are ready and waiting in the wings to help you plan your special day. Whether you want your married life to begin immediately or you are looking to host a wedding in the coming months. Our wonderful Weddings & Special Events Co-ordinator Karyn will be by your side to plan the most special day of your life.

Now, it's over to Karyn.

Tell us a little bit about yourself ...

Karyn: I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University a few years ago and fell in love with Sheffield and South Yorkshire, I am currently planning my own wedding so understand how exciting this process is. 

What is the main piece of advice you'd give someone about to start planning a wedding? 

Karyn:  Enjoy every minute! This will be one of the most exciting times in your life. Don't let it overwhelm you - Me and Annah are here to help along the way! 


Special Thanks to Emma