Our experienced and dedicated wedding team at Norton Park are ready and waiting in the wings to help you plan your special day. Whether you want your married life to begin immediately or you are looking to host a wedding in the next few months. Our wonderful Wedding & Special Events Co-ordinator Olivia will be by your side to plan the most special day of your life.

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I understand that each wedding is unique and each Bride and Groom has their own special touches that they want to bring to their day. I take great pride in seeing couples dreams come to life on the big day after the months of planning and organising that goes into each wedding.  My knowledge and passion for weddings at Norton Park mean that I am well equipped to help you plan your perfect day and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Our wedding coordinator

Meet Olivia, Wedding & Special Events Coordinator at the Norton Park. Olivia will help you plan your dream wedding and enjoy every moment of the planning process. 

Working with Olivia means you're in control. Olivia is committed to make your wedding day perfect, reduce your stress and ensure every detail is considered. 


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