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Norton Park
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Green Tourism in Winchester

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The team at Norton Park are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to help the environment and make the most of our beautiful 54 acres. Here are a few of their latest projects.

Being Green

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Over the past few years, QHotels has been keen to reduce its impact on the environment and have reduced our Carbon Emissions significantly to help achieve sensible energy management practises such as targeting and monitoring use, improved engineering maintenance and the application of proven energy reduction such as Biomass Heating Boilers, Voltage Optimisation Equipment, LED lighting and improved insulation.

Minimise Landfill

Currently, we are engaged in a campaign to minimise our waste to landfill, we are now proud to be recycling our cooking oil, this gets converted to Biodiesel which fuels the vehicles making deliveries to the Hotel. As a group, we have already achieved 61% recycling arte and are seeking to improve on that in 2016.

How can you help?

You can do your bit too when staying at Norton Park by ensuring lights, heaters, fans and plugs and switched off when not required. Please be water-wise; a single tap left running for 1 minute wastes 15 litres of water so kindly may we remind you to turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth. Also, if you would like your towel laundered, please place them in the bath or shower. If your towel is hanging on the towel rail, it shall be left for you to reuse. You may also use our Battery Recycling Box at Reception if you have any that need disposing of.

Norton Park completes Insect Hotel ‘Bugingham Palace’

Constructed using recycled and reclaimed materials from the hotel, our fantastic bug mansion will attract beneficial insects and other creatures whilst adding to the biodiversity of our grounds.  
Pallets were used as the base of the structure which will also act as the perfect home for hedgehogs. This was then filled with a variety of materials including:
  • Dead wood, essential for the larvae of wood-boring beetles, such as the stag beetle. It also supports many fungi, which help break down the woody material.
  • Bamboo cane providing holes for solitary bees.
  • Straw and hay providing many opportunities for invertebrates to burrow in and find safe hibernation sites.
  • Dry leaves - mimic the litter on the forest floor and provide more homes for invertebrates.
  • Loose bark for beetles, centipedes, spiders and woodlice to lurk beneath.
  • Stone and tiles provide the cool damp conditions that frogs and toads need. Although our lake is nearby, they can spend most of the year out of water and the centre of the mansion will provide a frost-free place during the winter.

You can find this humble abode on the way to our Manor House so make sure you stop by and welcome the new residents!

QBird Café

To encourage even more species of birds to our grounds, we have used recycled coffee cups filled with a homemade mixed feed including lard, seeds and breakfast cereal crumbs. Twigs provide a place for birds to perch whilst they feed and we can't wait to see the variety of birds that will enjoy these treats!

Don't forget to share any nature related pictures you take whilst at the hotel so that we can keep a record of all the wonderful wildlife here at Norton Park.

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