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Green Tourism

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Here at Mottram Hall we are doing our bit for wildlife in the area with the launch of our 2016 Green Campaign. As a nature rich property, we have so much opportunity to encourage wildlife to flourish and want to lead the way in being 'green' in our industry in the Cheshire area. We feel a responsibility to nuture and grow the wildlife and eco system. See below stories of how we are giving back to mother nature this year.

Mottram Hall gives birds a real flying start!

February 2016

Mottram Hall has pledged to put up 120 bird boxes - one per guest bedroom - around the resort grounds by the end of June, as part of monthy projects planned this year.


The bird boxes willl be stationed so guests can see them as they come down the drive and continue around the golf course, into the rose garden and into the woods.

Michael Lavizani, General Manager of Mottram Hall said, ''As the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds say "if there is no home for nature, there won't be a nature", and with so many building developments going on in the local area we have committed to providing a home for our feathered friends. This is just the start of what we have planned for 2016.'

Sixty bird boxes have already been installed in the hotels grounds in the hope that these will lead to an increase in the bird population in and around the hotels grounds, providing a safe and snug place for birds to roost and nest. The boxes are specially designed to have the correct dimensions and ventilation that birds need, and only non-toxic preservatives.

Mottram Hall already has robins on site but wants to see encourage more, as well as to attract sparrows, fly catchers and birds from the tit and finch families.

Being Green

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Over the past few years, QHotels has been keen to reduce its impact on the environment and have reduced our Carbon Emissions significantly to help achieve sensible energy management practises such as targeting and monitoring use, improved engineering maintenance and the application of proven energy reduction such as Biomass Heating Boilers, Voltage Optimisation Equipment, LED lighting and improved insulation.

Minimise Landfill

Currently, we are engaged in a campaign to minimise our waste to landfill, we are now proud to be recycling our cooking oil, this gets converted to Biodiesel which fuels the vehicles making deliveries to the Hotel. As a group, we have already achieved 61% recycling arte and are seeking to improve on that in 2016.

How can you help?

You can do your bit too when staying at Mottram Hall by ensuring lights, heaters, fans and plugs and switched off when not required. Please be water-wise; a single tap left running for 1 minute wastes 15 litres of water so kindly may we remind you to turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth. Also, if you would like your towel laundered, please place them in the bath or shower. If your towel is hanging on the towel rail, it shall be left for you to reuse. You may also use our Battery Recycling Box at Reception if you have any that need disposing of.

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