Wedding Cake Trends

One of our recommended suppliers has years of experience with wedding cakes and has seen the trends change. Here she talks about these changes over the years and the exciting emerging trends for 2017 and 2018 to give you some inspiration. 

Hi I'm Kelly from Eventiss Wedding cakes, I've had the pleasure of working alongside Dunston Hall over the last 10 years or so and have seen wedding cake trends and wedding themes shift quite a lot throughout the years.

During the 80s you might remember seeing pictures of the traditional 3 tier cake made of fruit with some kind of simple sugar flower or silk design and the colours were either red, lilac or peach… how times have changed.

Trends move very quickly with fashion as with wedding cakes. When I started cakes were more simple and elegant, we saw a lot of gold, lilac, burgundy, and cadbury purple was a huge colour for years!

In recent years with wedding cakes there has been a huge divide between very personalised cakes which incorporate the couples hobbies, families pets etc…, very vintage cakes with a personal twist incorporating a lot of edible lace bows, gold shimmers, big bold sugar flowers, brooches but still with a touch of vintage feel. We have also seen a rise in butterfly themes, and the very memorable birdcage wedding cakes which worked really well for shabby chic themes.  The wonky topsy turvy cakes were also all the rage at one point.  Other trends are the chocolate covered wedding cakes. These are very popular at the moment and will continue to be so in the years to come. One of the famous ones is the half and half chocolate cake where one half is white and the icing looks like its peeled back to reveal dripping decadent chocolate.

This year there has been a rise in the Alice in Wonderland theme and can be done as subtle or fun as you want but it's been a really lovely theme to work with.  The other theme has been the Naked wedding cake which is a cake without icing to give a rustic feel. This is very popular but not always possible to have all year around as the buttercream could melt and cause a few problems but has been a big hit with guests.

Over the next few years I think we will continue with rustic themes of woodland, creams, browns, golds and shabby chic with the incorporation of birds.  The next big trend I think will be the hand painted wedding cakes like the tiffany stain glass hand painting because it's very versatile and you can paint anything to fit within a theme. The next big colours will be yellow, burnt orange and we will continue to see blush and a mix of different pastels.