Our experienced and dedicated wedding team at Crewe Hall are ready and waiting in the wings to help you plan your special day. Whether you want your married life to begin immediately or you are looking to host a wedding in the next few months. Our wonderful Wedding & Special Events Executive, Andrew, and Wedding & Events Co-ordinator, Becky, will be by your side to plan the most special day of your life

Now, it's over to Andrew...

Tell us a little bit about yourself Andrew...

"I worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years including cruise ships with five-star service, resort hotels abroad, city-centre hotels, private estates and country house hotels. With working in all departments across various hotels, I have a vast array of knowledge about what works in venues and I'm well experienced to advise of what may work best on a couples special day. My first love is wedding planning, it is where I operate best and have had superb feedback from thousands of happy couples over the years.  I've helped to plan thousands of weddings including celebrity couples.  On the wedding day, every couple is a VIP, they deserve the very best that we can do.  I am the luckiest person in the world, working on and planning these memorable days, creating golden moments."

What is your favourite part of a wedding day? 

"The most important and treasured part of the day is always the ceremony as this is when couples confirm their love for each other and is cherished forever. The meticulous planning before leads up to this moment, it is special each and every time."

Now it's over to Becky...

Tell us a little bit about yourself Becky...

"After a number of years working within a team in various environments then moving on to the hospitality industry within the past few years, this has given me great background knowledge of people skills & life experience. Wedding planning is where I found my passion.

Having worked within the wedding industry for a number of years now as a Wedding Co-ordinator helping to plan and run the couples special day, I have a host of knowledge of knowing what works best to help couples achieve their dream day. I understand the importance of the day and feel very privileged to be part of such a special occasion."

Which would you choose: Classic and traditional or unique and quirky?

"I would choose unique and quirky. Although a classic wedding is beautiful it's very exciting when a bride and groom plan something a little different. Weddings now can be far from traditional. One of my favourite themes is a vintage tea party!"



Special Thanks to Andrew