Hi I'm Georgie,

I've worked here for 3 months as the Spa Manager at Bridgewood Manor Spa.

If you're looking for a spa day, I would recommend the Bridgewood Manor. I enjoy the spa here, everyone's here to relax and there is always a calm atmosphere and why wouldn't there be? Our spa is home to a fantastic health club, 4 spa treatment rooms, indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room.

I would recommend having a ritual; it's a fantastic treatment targeting your specific needs. Not everyone enjoys a full body massage but need a back massage and a deep facial cleanse, so rituals allow this. Rituals allow guests to have a chance to try out a different treatments.

My other favourite is the aromatherapy massage. The essential oils target your senses, combined with the relaxation from the massage is perfect for relaxing the mind and muscles.

I enjoy working with ESPA, they are a well recognised British brand, using 100% natural ingredients with visible results! My favourite ESPA product is the 24 hour replenishing eye moisturiser. I also like Tri-serum, it's so quick and easy to use, targets all concerns, leaving skin glossy and moisturised. It also smells gorgeous. My best spa tip is to use SPF all year round! Also, exfoliate weekly and you'll notice your skin looking bright, healthy and prevents ingrown hairs. It also sets a good base for tanning! I couldn't be without the Detoxifying salt scrub, it leaves my skin feeling and looking

I hope to see you relaxing soon

01634 662 610

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