QHotels invests over £2.2m in market-leading Wi-Fi upgrade

Wi-Fi use at QHotels

QHotels will invest over £2.2 million in upgrading Wi-Fi access and bandwidth across the group's 26 hotels, giving guests a faster, more reliable connection.

As a result of the upgrade works:

  • 500 simultaneous connections will be available at each internet access point
  • Each hotel's free Wi-Fi offering will increase from a shared 8Mbps to 90Mbps
  • Dedicated bandwidth capacity for conferences and events will increase from 90Mbps to 900Mbps

Recognising customers' expectation to always have easy access, the group's health clubs, spas and restaurants will feature their own access points, ensuring that connectivity is reliable through the entire hotel.

The Wi-Fi upgrade starts across the group this spring and is due to be completed by August 2016.

The improved service will also ensure a fair-share approach to Wi-Fi access per device, ensuring each phone, laptop or tablet has an equal share of the Wi-Fi available. Hotel guests frequently have two or three connected devices each, which is why bandwidth management will be implemented.

David Kelly, Director of IT for QHotels, said: "These improvements will ensure that we can provide a fast and reliable service today, while reassuring customers that we can also meet the technology requirements of tomorrow's events, conferences and meetings.  We led the market in 2011 in offering free Wi-Fi to all guests. This year's investment will enable a further significant increase in bandwidth, speed and connectivity, exceeding our customer's expectations."

Chris Gaines, Sales Director at QHotels, said "No one wants the frustration of being away from home on business and being hampered by technology that's not fit for purpose.  Decent connectivity is non-negotiable and at QHotels we're delighted to be able to offer our customers Wi-Fi access which is fast, reliable and available when and where they need it."

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