QHotels in search for the industry’s rising stars to join new ‘Event Profs Panel’

QHotels launches Event Profs Panel

Conference and events group QHotels is calling for rising stars of the conference and events industry to help inspire and shape the future of C&E by joining its new 'Event Profs Panel'.

Inspired by research showing a shift towards younger C&E bookers, QHotels' panel will bring together professionals with less than five years' experience in the industry, to discuss what is important to this generation of bookers and organisers.

Two panels- one for events agencies and one for corporate bookers - will explore what bookers want from C&E venues and suppliers, and their vision for the future of the industry. 

QHotels - which owns 26 four-star hotels across the UK - is now recruiting members for the panels, encouraging bookers passionate about the future of the industry to sign-up on the group's website and calling for senior agency and corporate professionals to nominate the rising stars in their business who would benefit from getting involved.

Claire Rowland, Director of Marketing at QHotels, said: "Through our own relationships with bookers and organisers we've noticed that the average age of our clients is falling. This is supported by research completed by BDRC, showing that there has been a significant shift in the last two years, with around a fifth of event industry agents and corporates now under 25.

"The QHotels panel will allow us to go beyond looking at feedback from bookers and actually bring them into our planning process.  As well as having their say and representing their generation, the panel will enable those professionals to benefit from the knowledge and experience of our own team and build valuable networks with others in the industry.  What's more, they'll have the opportunity to gain an understanding of what it's like inside one of the largest venue groups; insight which we hope will be beneficial as their career continues to develop."

Panel members will be involved in a series of activities, including round-table events, as well as a series of online debates, discussions and Q&As to discuss the industry's big topics, from emerging technologies to the skills gap debate. 

Claire added: "As well as putting industry-wide trends and issues to the panel for discussion, we can also get the opinions of our panel members on the hot C&E topics as they happen, ensuring we take bookers' views into account." 



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