The Power of Brain Food

Delegates feeling lethargic is now a thing of the past with our energising new conference menus.

We've all been thereā€¦ sitting in a conference after a heavy lunch, your eyelids begin to droop and your concentration wanders. That's why at QHotels we're committed to helping your delegates maintain their energy levels and concentration throughout their stay with our Brain Foods for Conferences menu.

Studies have repeatedly shown that we need the right nutrition to keep blood sugar levels balanced and stay focused. Heavy lunches can make people feel tired, and that's when productivity drops. Our conference menus have been designed to help boost delegates' concentration and improve energy levels and attention.

Our new conference lunch menu has been created to offer nutritious food to help your delegates become champions at work. This includes 'brain-food' oily fish dishes like Seared Tuna with Couscous Salad, quality slow-release protein dishes such as Lemon and Black Pepper Chicken, Horseradish Crusted Topside of British Beef or Honey Roasted Gammon and wholegrain dishes like Wholemeal Pasta with Meatballs.

Of course, it's essential to stay well hydrated too to ward off that afternoon slump, so there'll always be plenty of bottles of cool water available.


It's just one of the ways we work to ensure you can make the most of the time you spend at our hotels.

So, when you make your next event a QHotels event, ask for our Brain Foods for Conferences menu and see a change in your delegates.

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