The Queens' Bees Land in Yorkshire


There's a real buzz at QHotels, The Queens, after four Honey Bee colonies (20,000 bees) were welcomed to the rooftop of the city centre hotel last week.

Following the recent news that in the past 100 years there has been around a 75% decrease in the number of bee hives in the UK*, the hotel group made the decision to welcome the new guests in an attempt to combat the fall in numbers and honey.

Honey bees can positively impact a local area by benefitting wild life and increasing pollination which can lead to green space enhancement. There's even a chance that the new addition will allow the hotel to purchase any locally produced honey made by the bees.

General Manager at The Queens, Ivar Van Diepen, said "We were really excited when we found out we'd passed all necessary requirements and were able to keep the bees at The Queens; they are certainly a different type of hotel guest than we are used to. We take environmental issues very seriously and with news that the bee population is facing extinction, we thought there was no better time to welcome them. It really will be an added bonus if we're able to let hotel guests enjoy locally produced honey as a result."

The beehives will be managed and monitored closely by local Beekeepers Chris Barlow and Martin Evans who are members of Leeds Beekeepers Association. It is estimated if the bees settle, The Queens could be home to 40,000 bees.

The iconic Queens, one of QHotels 21 unique hotels, presides over the city of Leeds from its enviable central position adjacent to the train station. Art deco heritage meets modern four-star luxury in this hotel which effortlessly blends traditional character with contemporary elegance.

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