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Mudference is a new package the hotel group is trialling at its Park Royal property, blending traditional conferences with a seriously tough military-style boot camp, inspired by increasing demand for conferences with a difference.

The course, which has been designed by ex-military personal trainer, Jeff Sandow, will test delegates' strength, stamina, mental ability and take team-building to the extreme.

Mud runs and obstacle courses have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, as people strive to challenge themselves and break free from their increasingly routinised lifestyles. Not least in the conference market, as event planners opt for more diverse and memorable team building experiences.

Psychologist, Dr David Lewis comments: "Even the best organised meetings and the most inspiring speakers can prove more draining than stimulating, which is why following a lively meeting with even livelier physical exertions make such good psychological sense.

"This new 'boot camp' approach should enhance creativity and help build more productive teams. First, physical activity stimulates the heart and feeds more oxygen and glucose rich blood to the brain. The additional mental alertness this generates reduces reaction times, speeds thought processes and increases mental agility.

"Secondly, we tend to think most creatively when not thinking about thinking creatively. Interesting, novel and innovative ideas pop almost unbidden into consciousness when we are distracted by other challenges and away from familiar surroundings."

Chris Gaines, Director of Sales at QHotels said: "We're increasingly getting enquiries from companies wanting something a little more adventurous from their conferences so we wanted to create a package that reflected these needs while supporting productivity and team building.

"This package offers something new and exhilarating to help colleagues get to know each other better and build trust. It also removes them from the normal meeting environment to offer a different perspective."

Personal trainer, Jeff Sandow said: "I'm really looking forward to putting the delegates through their paces on the course; the vigorous workout will offer delegates a break from the norm and challenge their thinking."

Details of the package

  • Begin the day with planned meeting and a healthy lunch
  • Start the boot camp with a military workout warm-up with Jeff Sandow
  • The extreme obstacle course is next, taking delegates through muddy terrain, crawling under nets, jumping through tyres and over logs across the hotel grounds
  • After reaching the finish line, delegates can head to the spa to unwind and relax their limbs before enjoying a three course meal in the hotel's Topiary restaurant

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