If your meal does not look like the pictures below, please take a picture and email to:

Sour dough and bread shards

With beetroot tzatziki and nut free pesto (V)

Top tips:

  • Sourdough cut fresh
  • Always line the 'shard bucket / basket' with brown paper
  • Shards should be crisp & arranged randomly  to give a rustic look

Serve suggestion: Perfect for sharing or offering as an appetizer

Service: Serve to the guest with shards to the back of the board to avoid the shards being in the way of the dips & sourdough

Cod & parsley fishcake

With mustard & onion mayo

Top tips: 

  • Brown paper on the board / slate will give rustic look
  • Fish cakes freshly fried for crispiness  
  • Spring onion in the mayo should be 'rough cut' to give better texture

Pairing: Great with a Pinot Grigio

Dusted calamari

With sriracha mayonnaise, burnt lime & coriander

Top Tips:

  • Calamari dish should be lined with brown paper
  • Chilli flakes add extra 'zing' to dish
  • Scorching the lime sweetens the juice

Pairing: Perfect with a glass of Chio Prosecco


Beetroot falafel & hummus

With pomegranate and watercress (VG)

Top Tips:

  • Cooking the falafel last minute will keep them hot & fresh
  • Fresh pomegranate adds a fresh taste / texture to the dish
  • Additional bread shards add texture

Pairing: Perfect with a glass of Chio Prosecco


Ham hock & pea terrine

With a celery and apple salad & crisp bread shards

Top Tips:

  • Do not mix mayo with apple & celery to keep salad crisp and fresh
  • Walnuts should be roughly chopped to keep texture
  • A little olive oil on the terrine will 'brighten up' the dish

Service Tip: Serve to the guest the same as image, to allow guest to see ham hock and the heightened behind

Pairing: Pair with a glass of Chardonnay

Roast tomato & basil soup

With crème fraiche (V)

Top Tips:

  • Always garnished with crème fraiche
  • Served on a board with sourdough

Service Tips: Always serve with soup spoon and butter

Club salad

With avocado, cherry tomato, gem lettuce, crispy onions & grilled peppers.

Top Tips:

  • Layer the salad with all ingredients to give a better flavour experience
  • Top with extra crispy onions

Pairing: Upsell a topping on the salad. Either chicken, salmon or halloumi

Baby gem & artichoke caeser salad

With gem, artichoke and garlic croutons

Top Tips:

  • Leaves should be 'lightly' dressed so that they keep fresh & crisp
  • Parmesan should be shaved not grated
  • Artichokes should be 1/4 for even spread throughout salad

Pairing: Upsell a topping on the salad. Either chicken, salmon or halloumi