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Meet the team...

❤ Catherine Job ❤

How long have you worked at QHotels? 

12 years

What do you love most about your job? 

I absolutely love meeting people and hearing about their events and what matters to them most.  There are so many different Associations across the UK and its fascinating learning about them all.

What advice would you give to someone organising a large scale event?

Take your time, be methodical and take advantage of the expertise provided by your event planner.  They do this every day and it’s their job to help you get it right.

Do you have a hobby/what do you like to do in your spare time?

The outdoors is where I’m happiest, an open water swim, a row on the Thames or a long walk always cheers me up.


❤ Hannah Wise ❤

How long have you worked at QHotels? 

Nine years

What do you love most about your job? 

It may sound cliché but for me it is all about speaking to clients and building long term, genuine relationships with them. I love gaining that real understanding of what’s key to them for their meeting or event and matching that up to one of our hotels. 

Where is your dream holiday destination? 

I have two – the Amalfi Coast for the scenery of the cliff sides, the colours and the food. And then for pure relaxation and the ultimate paradise experience it would have to be the Maldives.

Favourite food? 

Yorkshire puddings – with gravy for the first course and then golden syrup for the second!