Top Running Recovery Tips


Enjoy a daily run? Here are our top tips for post run recovery!

NOTE: Remember to stay safe and follow government guidance on how to exercise outdoors during the current restrictions. Runner's World have put together a great article on how best to run outdoors during this time - view here.



Your post run recovery meal should consist of carbohydrates and plenty of protein to help repair your muscles and refuel your body. It's important to include protein and carbohydrate-loaded foods -think grains, breads or cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs and lean meats.



Wet clothing can chill you down too quickly after a run. By putting on dry garments, you keep your muscles warm, which promotes circulation that aids recovery.  Even on a hot summer day, slipping into sweatpants after a long run feels great!



After a hard workout or a tough long run, you should begin by hydrating within the first 15 minutes of finishing. Even if the temperature was cold, you still sweat a significant amount and you need to replace the fluid loss.



Jog very easy or walk for a half mile (or even 10 minutes) to return to a “normal” status. This also helps you avoid letting blood pool in your legs. Cooling down assists the body in redistributing blood flow, lowers heart and breathing rate gradually which helps reduce muscle soreness.



There is no better way to recover from intense exercise then by sleeping!! After a long hard run or race, a good night's sleep is critical. Your body needs downtime to recover and repair itself. In fact, you should be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a night in general for your overall health!