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Golf Has Prolonged My Life

Golf Has Prolonged My Life

A 100-year-old man who plays golf twice a week has been profiled on ITV News - and he says the game has prolonged his life.

Harry Moorhouse from Norwich, who only started playing the sport at the age of 50, is a member of Eaton Golf Club. When he turned 100 earlier this year he was given a lifetime membership.

"It's helped to prolong my life. It's helped me enormously to live to 100," he said.

"Eat plenty of fruit, drink plenty of water, walk - and keep happy because happy people tend to live longer than miserable people."

Harry also talked about the benefits of being a golf club member.

"I've met some good friends here and I've lost a lot of good friends," he said.

Harry plays regularly with his two sons - and on the day ITV was filming, he beat them both.

"I've not met many 100-year-olds," said Peter Johns, manager of Eaton Golf Club. "Let alone one as fit as Harry who still plays nine holes twice a week. It's a tremendous achievement and magnificent for the club. We've decided if you get to 100 you don't have to pay anymore subs!"

"He's quite remarkable and as a club member he's a great asset," said another spokesman for the club.

The broadcast ended with ITV journalist Raveena Ghattura saying that Harry is still hoping to achieve something in golf he's never done before - hit a hole-in-one."


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