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C&E Rewards frequently asked questions

C&E Rewards frequently asked questions

If you do have questions about QHotels C&E Rewards loyalty scheme, or would like more information, please see our FAQs below or contact us



Call our events team on 0845 074 0062

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

C&E Rewards members earn £10 of shopping vouchers for every £1,000 of value for the following events:

  • 24hr and day delegate conferences 
  • Meetings & events 
  • Corporate banqueting 
  • Corporate functions  
  • Training events
  • Corporate golf

Unfortunately, rewards cannot be claimed on:

  • Christmas parties
  • Non-corporate events
  • Accommodation not attached to a conference, meeting or event


How do I sign up?

Signing up to become a member of the QHotels C&E Rewards scheme is quick and easy. Simply visit our website and fill in all the relevant fields as directed.

All C&E Rewards accounts need to have an 'Admin' and a 'Manager' - this can either be 2 separate users, or one user assigned to both roles. The 'Manager' is the decision maker, or the person who will decide who gets the vouchers within your team. The 'Admin' is the user who will submit the claims for your account.

If you only require one user, simply fill in the details on the 'Admin' form and hit the 'copy details' button. Users will receive their login details automatically sent to the e-mail address supplied. If you do not receive your login details, you can retrieve them here.

How will my details be used?

This e-mail address supplied by you will be used as a contact address for all queries regarding your claims as well as information on the latest prizes, promotions, news and offers.

Is there anyone that can't sign up?

If you are a booking agent on an enhanced or preferred marketing agreement with QHotels, unfortunately you are unable to participate within the C&E Rewards scheme. Please contact your account manager directly if you would like to discuss that further.

Equally, private party organisers, golf organisers (non corporate events), brides and grooms are also not allowed to participate and we reserve the right to exclude any booker should you not fulfil our registration criteria.

How do I make a claim?

Claims should be made after an event has taken place. If you submit a claim prior to an event, your claim will remain open until the event is complete.

To make a claim, log in to your secure area using you username and password. If you have forgotten your login details click here to retrieve them.

Once you have logged in, you will arrive at a holding page showing you all existing claims. Follow the on-screen prompts and work your way through the short claim form. If you are experiencing any problems submitting you claim, please contact us.

When you submit your claim, your rewards value will be calculated automatically and rounded down to the nearest thousand. Please feel free to submit more than one claim at a time, but only one claim can be made per event. Unfortunately events cannot be accumulated and added together.

Don't forget to select the voucher you would like to receive!

Claims cannot be made for events that happened more than three months ago.

What happens next?

Once your claim has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. The claim is now with the hotel events team who will approve, amend or reject your claim as appropriate.

I've lost/forgotten my login details

No problem. Simply click here and enter the email address used to set up the account. Your login details will be automatically sent to you.

Still having problems? Contact us.

My claim has been rejected – what do I do?

If a claim is rejected, you will be notified via email with the reason your claim has not been approved. You will need to log in and amend your claim as instructed.

My claim has been approved. When do I get my vouchers?

Once a claim has been approved, you should receive your vouchers within 6 weeks. If you have not received your vouchers, contact us.

Your vouchers will be sent directly to the 'Manager' of your C&E Rewards account using the address supplied on sign up. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfil to any address that is not registered to your account. If you believe your address is incorect or need to update your details, please contact us.

Vouchers worth over £100 will be sent by recorded delivery, but once they leave our fulfilment house tracking and safe delivery of the vouchers is down to you. Unfortunately, we can't also accept responsibility for any vouchers that are lost or stolen.

There is no cash alternative to the vouchers.

My claim has been showing as 'pending' for a long time - what do I do?

Claims can only be approved after the event has taken place and the full invoice has been paid. If the event has passed, please contact your sales contact at the hotel where the event took place.

Terms & conditions

  • Is your company allowed to participate in incentive schemes and accept rewards? Once you have signed up, QHotels cannot take responsibility for you accepting rewards against your own company policy.
  • Rewards can only be claimed after the event has taken place. Rewards cannot be claimed more than three months after the event has taken place.
  • You can only claim for rewards for events that have taken place whilst your company was a member of the scheme. Rewards cannot be claimed retrospectively.
  • Rewards cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other incentives or offers - including our Apple Watch incentive.
  • Only one claim can be made per event If you are an agent booking on behalf of a client, we cannot reward both the agent and the direct booker.  If you are both members of the C&E Rewards scheme then it will be down to the agent to decide who receives the rewards.
  • Claims from separate events cannot be accumulated and added together.
  • We also cannot accept claims for events that were already enquired for prior to you signing up to the C&E Rewards scheme.
  • We cannot accept C&E Rewards claims on cancellation charges.
  • QHotels cannot accept any liability for C&E Rewards vouchers once these have been sent from the fulfilment company. From time to time we may run promotions with other rewards apart from vouchers, and so this also applies to any other item claimed through a conference reward incentive and sent either from a fulfilment company or from ourselves.
  • Your minimum claim must be £500 or over and based on the value of your event at the contract stage before any extras that may have been added during the event. Your event value will also exclude extra costs that may have been added for audio visual support or team building/theming.  
  • When you submit your claim, your rewards will be calculated for you there and then and values will be rounded down to the nearest thousand.
  • QHotels cannot accept any liability for tax implications incurred as a result of receiving vouchers that members may be liable to pay tax on.
  • QHotels reserve the right to withdraw or alter the scheme without prior notice.
  • In order to allow us to let you know about queries relating to your claims, to remind you of the monthly prize draws and send you vouchers, by registering for this scheme you are allowing QHotels to contact you with relevant marketing communication.

Earn 5% cashback with C&E Rewards

Book your next event to arrive before 30th June 2018 and you can earn 5% of your event value back in one of the following ways:

  • 5% in high street vouchers
  • 5% off your next QHotels event or 5% back to spend in one of our 25 hotels
  • 5% donation to a charity of your choice
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1 in 10 delegates go free!

For a limited time, when you book a conference, meeting or corporate dining event with a minimum value of £500 with QHotels, one in ten of your delegates or diners goes free!

You'll still benefit from our Total Meetings Package for an ALL INCLUSIVE event with no hidden extra costs.  Think of it as our way of saying thanks for booking with us!

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Fancy your chances at winning a trip to The Big Apple?

To be eligible:

  • Book and confirm your event between 1st March and 30th June 2018
  • Events must take place from 1st March - 31st December 2018
  • All bookings must have a minimum value of £5,000
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Take a look for yourself

Sit back, relax and take 30 seconds to see for yourself why QHotels offer the perfect venues for your next conference, meeting or event.

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Located across the UK, QHotels 25 venues are ideally set up to cater for a wide range of events. Whether you need to hire a room for an interview or meeting, or exclusive use of a hotel for team building over several days, we can provide excellent packages at competitive rates.

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Free Wi-Fi and dedicated broadband internet

We invested over £2.2m in a market-leading Wi-Fi upgrade during early 2016.

This upgrade increased each hotel's offering from a shared 8Mbps to 90Mbps, with dedicated broadband of up to 900Mbps also available.

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When you're working away from home, you demand a professional hotel with impeccable service, great facilities and above all convenience! Here at QHotels, we are experts in catering for our corporate clientele and take pride in delivering a home-away-from-home experience, whilst ensuring a professional standard.

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HBAA - The Hotel Booking Agency

Here at QHotels, we are happy to announce that we're offical HBAA Venue Members.
What are HBA's? HBAs are businesses that specialise in the procurement of accommodation, conference and event facilities and services in the UK on behalf of clients. The HBAA is the association that supports them and the hotel and venue companies they work with. Since 1997, the HBAA has been helping both businesses and individuals within them to strive for ever higher professional standards.