VR is not the essential tech for 2018

Our latest Event Profs Panel roundtable brought together our panel and specialist event production company, Universal Live, to discuss the most popular tech for 2018 conferences.

The findings came as Universal Live showcased how event engagement apps, live content projection and wireless presentation systems can be used to enhance an event, and even improve how delegates and event organisers communicate with one another.

The tech demonstrated on the day included:

- Meetoo- a web and app based platform that helps both delegates and event organisers tocommunicate before, during and after a conference.

- Smart Marker- allows content to be transferred from any kind of surface, such as a white board orclear screen, on to a larger projection in real time, as well as allowing the user to stream content toattendees' computers or mobile devices.

- ClickShare -is operated using a central dongle, connecting multiple devices that allows presentersto share their screen easily without the need of swapping computers and switching wires.

- Virtual Reality (VR)- is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images.

The key conclusion taken from the session was that the must-have tech used at conferences is not about having the latest gimmick, but about having tools that support the management of the event and help deliver real-time engagement. But other findings included:

- That the Meetoo event organisation app is the tool most likely to be adopted in the future.

- Although the panel had assumed that Smart Marker would be too expensive, it's a cost-effectiveway of bringing a presentation to life.

- ClickShare is starting to be widely used at events, making this kind of tech an expectation at aconference rather than added extra.

- VR fell to the bottom of the list as the panel were concerned that this kind of tech would be morebeneficial when showing clients around venues.

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