Age determines luxury F&B choices

Our Event Profs Panel, made up of young professionals working in the events industry, met at our Cheltenham Chase hotel recently to discuss the future of F&B at conferences and events.

The panel told us that elaborate three and four-course menu options no longer scream luxury to younger bookers or delegates but that 'luxury' is determined by the delegate's perception of what constitutes a premium F&B experience.                              

Traditional champagne receptions and gala dinners are unlikely to be forgotten. However, our panel suggested that event bookers should bear the delegates' perception of premium in mind when choosing the structure of an event.

Emma Barker, Event Manager at Tebays and EPP panel member, said: "It's important for event profs to be aware of the different expectations of delegates. We appreciate there needs to be an element of flexibility when suggesting menus and that involves looking past traditional F&B expectations.

"It also means being aware of new food and drink trends that are becoming popular and therefore impacting the events industry. And while we wouldn't suggest that events (or delegates!) should be pigeonholed by their age, we expect a younger audience to be the ones driving change when it comes to luxury F&B."

Some of the key trends identified by the panel as becoming more influential when it comes to luxury included:

  • Craft beers
  • Understanding food provenance
  • Participation and experiential dining
  • Wine pairing
  • Locally-sourced produce


Event industry F&B trends were also discussed. The panel said they had noticed high street restaurant trends are increasingly replicated at events - especially with the popularity of street food-style menus.

So, what could luxury look like? Event profs are finding clients are frequently enquiring about innovative ways to impress their audiences, whether that's interactive food experiences, wine pairings or gin tastings.

Finally, our panel offered a word of advice to fellow event bookers: be flexible and responsive to what's happening outside the C&E space - these are the trends that will impact the events we host.

If you'd like to join our panel of Event Profs, and have less than five years' experience, just email your contact information to [email protected] or visit


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