Welcome to our world

Whether you are looking for a career in hospitality or simply looking for a job to work around your
personal commitments, you will find a role with us. From Hotel roles to Support roles, there really is
something for everyone at The QHotels Collection.


Coming soon

Yu Life

As part of our commitment to our team members wellbeing, we have recently launched YuLife, a new type of life assurance that focuses on helping you live your best life.

Our Locations
We have 19 hotels and 2 support hub locations across England & Scotland

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Our values

The Qhotels Collection is all about making meaningful connection.  Not just with our guests, but out own people too.

Working here can mean anything from a first start, to a new start or even a fresh start.

So no matter their stage in life or circumstances, we treat everyone with the dignity they deserve.

We value adaptability in our people and support them by being flexible too.

We can help make reasonable adjustments for the times when people need extra support or cover, but expect the same real commitment to give and take in return.

Where you're from and who you are as a person is important to us.

We welcome every employee at every one of our locations as an individual with their own story to tell.

And we work hard to help them be the best they can be while they're here.

Simplicity starts with getting the basics right every time. 

If all of us do the little things really well, we can begin to make a big impact on our guests and each other.