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Age No Handicap For Big-Hitter Brenda

Age No Handicap For Big-Hitter Brenda

A Norfolk nonagenarian has proved it's never too late to improve ... by adding 15 yards to her tee shots.

Brenda Chapman, 91, has been working with QGolf Academy coach Caroline Grady, at Dunston Hall, for five years - and, rather than her drving distance decrease with age, it's gone th other way. She now drives the ball 15 yards further than she did five years ago.

Grady explained: "Brenda has been playing golf for nearly 65 years and is in great physical shape. I am so proud of Brenda's work ethic, desire and passion - not only in golf, but in her daily life. With golf, age is no object if you are passionate about the game you love to play

"What an incredible studnet. I am very honoured and proud to coach her."

Brenda added: "I regularly enjoy playing nine holes with my freinds. I could walk 18 holes but prefer to conserve my energy for my weekly classes of Indian dance, Pilates, mahjong, calligraphy and computer studies."

A former ladies European Tour player, Grady has been at Dunston Hall for more than 10 years - and she explained how Chapman's improvement had come about.

"We added, on average, 15 yards to Brenda's drive by drastically changing her 'swing orf old', flattening her backswing in order to create a shallower angle of attack at impact," said Grady.

"Now, correctly, she is able to hit up on the ball, not down, to reduce spin and add distance. We are working on a 'toe strike' to gain some further yards - so our work is not completed yet."

QHotels' group academy director Mark Pearson said: "The successes we've seen at Dunston Hall show that good coaching cna have a positive effect on golfers regardless of age or handicap. And, for some, success may come in smaller packages, like clearing a pond for the first time, playing 18 holes for the first time, or breaking 100 for the first time".