Not Even A Damaged Knee Ligament Can Keep Jayne From Achieving Her Running Goals!

 Hi and welcome back to my running blog!


Unfortunately, I have had a blip in my weekly running routine due to damaging my knee ligament three weeks ago (getting out of the car!)


The good news is that just before my knee injury I managed to run my first 10k, which was not my intention when I set out on my run. But on reaching 5k I realised that I had to turn around and either walk or run home and chose the latter. The exhilaration when my phone app declared I had run 10k was the most fantastic feeling.


You can imagine how disheartened I felt when I visited a local physio to be told that if I had any thoughts of getting fit enough to run the 10k in May I had to rest for five days, and that my training routine for the following two weeks would be weights for my upper body and the cross trainer only - no running!


However, what this experience has taught me is the importance of including in your training a range of fitness activities. As I have been using the gym and going swimming in addition to my running it has allowed me to build strength and stamina, essential for overall fitness.


I am pleased to say that with the physio treatment and ensuring I listen to advice given in respect of not participating in sports that would hinder my progress has helped my knee ligament to heal much quicker than I thought.


With less than two weeks to the 10k in Manchester I am a little apprehensive as to whether I will be able to run with ease but am determined to give it my best shot. I have a programme to get me up to 7k a few days before the event and fingers crossed no more injuries. Even if I am hobbling over the finish line, it will be worth it if I can raise funds for the NSPCC.


Please use the attached details if you wish to donate to this very worthy cause. And watch this space to find out how I go on in the 10k on the 20th of May!


If you can spare any money at all, no matter how small, please donate here:



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