Nutrition is Key at The Park Royal Hotel

It is now the middle of week three, I am still here and so Jayne's blog continues!

Firstly, thank you to those who read my week one blog, liked it on Facebook (trying to get to grips with social media) and, to those who left positive comments, many thanks for your support which is appreciated by this newbie runner.

Despite the biting wind, the rain and the cold, none of this has prevented me from continuing on the 'Couch to 5k' programme laid out for me by my local Park Run team at Victoria Park, Warrington and I feel I am seeing some improvements in terms of my fitness levels; fingers crossed this continues.

To help me with the task of getting as fit as possible for the 10k run in May, earlier this week I took some advice on nutrition and diet from Anthony, who is a Personal Trainer (PT) with The Park Royal Leisure Club Team; his knowledge is extensive and his insight informative.

For forty years I have been on and off diets, having tried virtually every fad diet going. At the age of fourteen (not wise) I went on 'The Egg and Grapefruit Diet' (less wise still). I did lose four pounds pretty quickly, but unfortunately suffered with both gas and constipation … not a great combination! Then, as soon as I began to eat normally again I put the four pounds straight back on!

Anthony explained the different food types and type of diet I would benefit from but perhaps unsurprisingly not about dieting itself. He helped me understand the benefits of a balanced and varied food intake; explaining the kind and quantity of foods that would suit my needs.

With so much contradictory advice out there about what is the best diet for losing weight, such as 'low fat', 'low calorie', 'no carbs', 'protein only' etc, I found his advice and the food guide really helpful. I would recommend anyone to speak to the Personal Trainers at The Park Royal Leisure Club as they really know their stuff about nutrition and diets.

To enquire about joining The Park Royal Health Club, you can call them on 01925 730000 or email [email protected].


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