One step closer to the Manchester 10k with the help of The Park Royal

Welcome to my latest update on my challenge to go from a 'non runner' to hopefully completing the Manchester 10k in May this year, to raise funds for the NSPCC.


I am continuing to follow the running programme set by my local Park Run team 'Couch to 5K.' And despite the rain, the hail and bitter cold during the past few weeks I have managed to complete the weekly group run on a Sunday morning.


Going from being able to run for only two minutes before getting out of breath at the beginning of January, to running this Sunday for 25 minutes and sprinting during the last stage has been a real turning point for me.


My running technique has greatly improved since I attended a recent 'Running Workshop' led by Glyn Knight, one of our Personal Trainers here at The Park Royal Leisure Club.


The workshop included information and tips for runners but the most useful for me was an introduction to the 'cadence technique' of running. This has helped me to keep count of my steps when running and concentrate on the pace at which I run as opposed to concentrating solely on my breathing. It certainly works for me and has enabled me to run further distances.


The final part of the morning included the group running together on a 5k from The Park Royal. This I was dreading, especially when I discovered the others had run much longer distances. However, everyone was most supportive and despite having one or two breaks I managed to complete the run and it encouraged me to continue with my running training programme with more vigour.


I would recommend Glyn's Running Workshop for anyone who is thinking of taking up running or for those of you who are runners but would like more information on running in general.


It still seems quite daunting to me the prospect of competing in the Manchester 10k in May but I realise I have come along way in a short space of time and am determined to achieve my goal.


Until next time keep smiling and running.


From Jayne



'I may not be there yet but I am closer than I was yesterday.'

Author unknown



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