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Time for some wholesome fun - what are the best movies for the whole family to enjoy? From Moana to The Eagle Huntress, here are the QHotels' Top 10:

1. A Beautiful Planet, age 6+
This stunning documentary takes viewers onto the International Space Station. It offers incredible views, sobering images of humanity's impact on Earth, and great astronaut role models. It also emphasizes the importance of communication and cooperation.

2. Finding Dory, age 6+
Poignant and beautifully acted, this adventure promotes teamwork, perseverance, and unconditional love. It's everything a sequel should be: emotionally satisfying, full of lovable old and new characters, and, just as Dory would want, utterly unforgettable.

3. Moana, age 6+
Centering on a brave, inquisitive female character who's far more interested in helping her people than in finding romance, this animated adventure has lovable characters, great music, and strong messages.

4. Pete's Dragon, age 7+
A sweet throwback to Disney movies of the past, this remake is wholesome, fun, and exciting. It mixes moments of peril and sadness with messages about love, friendship, finding family in unexpected places, appreciating nature, and opening yourself up to believing in magic.

5. Zootopia, age 8+
Clever and heartwarming, this charming buddy-animal animated adventure has great messages about courage, empathy, tolerance, teamwork, and the dangers of reducing others to stereotypes.

6. The Jungle Book, age 9+
This update of the Disney classic has many intense scenes, including a few that will have you jumping out of your seat! But it's also visually dazzling, with strong messages about the importance of courage, teamwork, family (especially the nontraditional kind), and friendship.

7. Hidden Figures, age 10+
Packed with great role models and positive themes (including integrity, perseverance, teamwork, and communication), this inspiring fact-based drama is about three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA in the 1950s and '60s as "human computers."

8. Loving, age 12+
Inspired by the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, this powerful drama deals with some tough topics. But ultimately the message is one of hope and courage: Love and compassion conquer all, even hatred and prejudice.

9. Lion, age 13+
This emotional biographical drama about a man who lost his family when he was 5 and then desperately tries to find them as an adult will make you cry -- but it also has powerful themes of perseverance, gratitude, and the power of technology.

10. Sing Street, age 13+
This winning, thoughtful musical drama celebrates creativity. It has some edgy content, but ultimately it's a rallying cry to be bold, take chances, and make mistakes on the way to self-expression.

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