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We work with a lot of event professionals, and we know just how much time and hard work goes into organising conferences, meetings and events.

While the majority of event profs are happy to put in the hard work and hours because they love their job, we know it can sometimes mean their wellbeing takes a hit. It's hard to prioritise sleep, exercise and taking time out when you're up against the clock and working on that all-important event.

With this in mind, we wanted to see how we could help improve the wellbeing of event profs, so we conducted our own research with bookers and organisers.

We found that over 70% of event organisers admit they lose sleep the night before an event, with two thirds losing up to two hours. Amazingly, one in 10 lose over three hours, mainly due to the stress and anticipation of the event itself.

Over half of the event profs we surveyed said they never have time to exercise while organising events, and admitted to 'powering through' those feelings of tiredness and stress. Also, only 6% of organisers make a conscious effort to always eat healthily during an event - most just eat whatever's available, whenever they can.

The stress, and lack of time, for those in the industry is clearly taking its toll, as 98% of event professionals admitted they need time after an event for their bodies to recover, saying it takes at least two days to recuperate.

It seemed to us that being stressed and time-poor were two key issues for event profs, so we looked at how we could help. Enter the QHotels Wellbeing Guide.

We worked with our chefs, personal trainers, spa teams and events coordinators to create some handy tips, exercise ideas and food suggestions that would help event profs and improve wellbeing.

The resulting guide is a step-by-step handbook, with tips on improving sleep, energy levels, diet and relaxation. Importantly, they're all designed not to take up too much time in the run-up to events.

Event bookers can also benefit from our Fitbit or Apple Watch incentive and claim a free fitness tracker devise to help monitor and boost wellbeing.  

You can view or download the Wellbeing Guide here. And don't forget to share it with colleagues, friends or family members - they can all benefit. 

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