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In 2016, our research into the wellbeing of event profs resulted in the launch of QHotels' Wellbeing Guide. This year, we're delving even further into our research with event profs, including members of our Event Profs Panel.  

The Fitbit Challenge will see event co-ordinators at QHotels, members of our Event Profs Panel and other industry guests wear a Fitbit to track their wellbeing at work, monitoring aspects such as heart rate, step count and hours slept, to see if and how wearing a Fitbit at work can have a positive impact.

One of QHotels' Event Profs Panel members, Hannah Hodges, will be taking part in the challenge, so keep a look out for her experience here on our blog. But first up, here's Conference & Events Operations Manager at The Queens, Sunil Lad's experience.





 Fitbit diary from Sunil Lad, Conference & Events Operations Manager at QHotels' The Queens,Leeds

Sunil Lad

Here in the conference and events team at The Queens, we're always busy. Whether it's co-ordinating executive boardroom meetings or organising a conference for 500 delegates, no two days are the same. And while this keeps me motivated and makes my job exciting, it also means that my general wellbeing can fall down my priority list at busy times - particularly in the run up to a big event.

This is a common issue for event profs, so I was interested to take part in the challenge to see how wearing a Fitbit can help.

Over two days during the annual sales conference for the QHotels national team at the hotel, I wore the Fitbit and kept track of different aspects, such as my heartrate, step count and overall awareness of wellbeing throughout the day. Here are the results.

Day one

My first day of the event involved quite a lot of running around, changing room layouts (lifting and moving furniture such as tables and chairs) and liaising with chefs to consider a few last minute changes to the lunch menu and delegates' orders.

I'm no stranger to physical activity or exercise. I make a conscious effort to be active and spend a lot of my free time playing football, so I was surprised to see that my heartrate ranged between 82 and 102 bpm throughout the day.

On reflection, this is probably a fairly healthy heartrate to have while on your feet all day, whereas I often consider that my heartrate should stay at under 100, as this is a healthy resting heartrate. It made me realise just how active I am during events.

One of the biggest surprises for me was just how many steps I had taken at the end of my first day. My step count was at 32,760 and I'd travelled the equivalent of 22.7km! This seemed like a huge amount/distance, which really made me think about just how much me and the wider team do at big events and just how much activity goes into our day-to-day job.

Day two

Day two was more relaxed in the morning as we didn't have to make any changes to the layout. The day mainly consisted of checking and transporting some AV equipment that arrived at the hotel for the second day of the event, as well as liaising with many of the delegates throughout the day and evening.

I noticed that my heartrate ranged between 82 and 91 on this day, a little lower than the day before. I still travelled an impressive 15.12km, taking 22,221 steps. This was another surprise, showing that even on days where I feel like I'm less active, I'm doing much more than the average step count, which is around 3,000 - 4,000. Fitbit's target is 10,000 a day, so I even bested that!

My overall experience

Wearing the Fitbit over the two days definitely highlights just how active I am at work - much more so than I thought. Even though my mind was on the event itself and what I had to do next, having the Fitbit on is a reminder of your own body and wellbeing - which can never be a bad thing!

Before I started the challenge, my biggest concern was the impact of not having a set routine. The varying days and times I work make it difficult to wake up, leave the house and eat at the same time every day. Sometimes I'm conscious that this means I take the easy, quick option for lunch, buying from a local shop or café rather than preparing a healthier lunch the night before. And while the Fitbit doesn't highlight how healthy my food choices are, it did serve as a reminder of my wellbeing and made me think about how smaller changes could make a big difference to my overall health at work.

Having travelled such a long distance, having a high step count along with no reminders to move (which the Fitbit does if you've been stationary for a prolonged period of time), I'm definitely going to start going easier on myself in the days following a big event. I'm usually relaxed after big events, relieved that the stressful part is over, but often force myself to go to the gym or do something particularly active. Moving forward, I think I'll give myself more laid-back, relaxing days off work and the chance to recuperate.


Fancy challenging yourself with a Fitbit?  Book your next event with QHotels and you can claim a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

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