Q&A with Phoebe Benta - setting up an events agency

By QHotels Marketing |  27th February 2017  |  Comments 0
Phoebe Benta

Phoebe Benta is a member of the QHotels Event Profs Panel, an initiative we set up to bring together the rising stars of the events industry to discuss the challenges the C&E industry faces today.

Since the panel started, Phoebe has left the world of employment and started her own agency, Eureka Events UK Ltd, so we wanted to find out what made her take the leap and what it's like to start a business.

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QHotels’ Fitbit Challenge

By QHotels Marketing |  23rd February 2017  |  Comments 0

In 2016, our research into the wellbeing of event profs resulted in the launch of QHotels'  Wellbeing Guide. This year, we're delving even further into our research with event profs, including members of our  Event Profs Panel.  

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Top tips for booking a venue on a budget

By QHotels Marketing |  21st February 2017  |  Comments 0
Budgeting image

Managing the budget can be a challenging part of an event organiser's role. Our clients frequently ask us how they can make the most of their funds, without scrimping on service.

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Flippin' Good Pancake Tips

By QHotels Marketing |  21st February 2017  |  Comments 0

Do you want to make perfect pancakes that are golden brown on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside with a touch of crispness around the edges? Follow our simple tips to acheive pancake perfection!


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What makes a good training venue

By QHotels Marketing |  16th February 2017  |  Comments 0
Training venues

We understand as well as any business the importance of employee development and training, but we also understand how time consuming it can be.  

That's why it's critical to ensure that when the opportunity for training comes around, people are engaged and able to get the most out of it - which means having the right training environment.

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