What is Hygge?

What is Hygge?

Hygge is the Danish word, pronounced "hoo-ga", is usually translated into English as "cosiness". It is "Hygge is the practice of creating cosy environments that promote emotional wellbeing" (Collins English Dictionary). It's one often linked to the idea that the Danes are the happiest people in the world, and that it's 'hygge' that provides the secret to their success.


How to hygge in 5 ways to beat the winter blues

1. Create the right lighting

Candles are one of the most important hygge factors according to Meik Wiking's The Little Book of Hygge. Danish people burn more candles per year than any other group on earth. They are an everyday indulgence: creating a soft, warm glow that makes everything more attractive.

Stock up on our ESPA candles and have several burning at once to be truly hyggelig.

2. Wrap up and keep warm

Fight off the bitter, cold winds with a steaming hot drink. Feel the warmth spread through your knitted blankets and woolly jumpers as you get cosy this winter. Whether you want a hot cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or mulled wine it doesn't matter, its all hygge!

Did you know that children can get a free hot chocolate when they stay at QHotels? Speak to a member of our friendly hotel team for more information. 

3. Togetherness

Hygge is not just about the aesthetics it's also about being together with your family, friends and community. Adding to the cosiness, creating a candlelit home to spend time with your loved ones without the distraction of your mobile phones, i-pads or the stress of daily life. This is essential to being hygge.

4. Comfort food

Hygge is being high on nourishment. Add any of the following to you hygge day; porridge, stew, home baked bread or cake! Don't forget we have a festive afternoon tea menu across our hotels.

5. Being outdoors

Experiencing hygge doesn't just take place indoors, you need to get outdoors and find peace that extends to nature. You can go for lovely nature walks, hikes through the woods or just a stroll to the park.

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