What Makes a Great Personal Trainer

Now that we're in full swing of the January detox following a sensational, but over indulgent Christmas.  Tom Pickford, personal trainer at The Park Royal shares his thoughts on what makes a great PT.

Let's cut straight to the point - what use is a personal trainer? Why do they exist and what do they actually do? Most importantly, can they really help us to achieve our dream body?

The answer to the last question is a resounding, unarguable and definite yes - that is if you use the right one for you.

Using a personal trainer involves working together as a team to achieve your ultimate goals, can't is a forbidden word in our training sessions!

A good gym should meet a persons expectations, a great gym should exceed those expectations and an amazing gym should inspire its members to be the best they can be.

Quite often you come across a good gym; however coming across an amazing gym can be rare. In all, there is one common denominator that rings true - it's not the equipment or the location. It is in fact the person. Amazing people should inspire and encourage - it's pretty simple!

They should make you believe you can be fitter, stronger or faster. They have the knowledge to help you achieve this, so should share this with you to help with your fitness journey and make you realise - you can accomplish your goals.

The character of a personal trainer is to inspire you to be your best. A good gym can offer this through the personal trainers they employ.

Whatever your goal, you should be constantly moving forward. Whether it is reaching a new personal best on the squat rack, or being able to get to that 10 pull ups target. PT's are there to guide you with this and support your objective. If this sounds like yours, well done, you've found a good one.

A personal trainer can make you feel like a better person inside and out and can change your life for the better. After all, healthy body, healthy mind!




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