Wondering What Not To Do This Valentine's Day? Romantic Bloopers - As Told By Our Hotels!

February - the Month of Love and a time to make the most of quality time with the one you love the most. At QHotels we love to help our guests fulfil those romantic gestures that make February so special. From Valentine's Day weddings, to extravagant proposals, we've seen a fair bit of swooning in our time…however in the famous words of Shakespeare 'The course of true love never did run smooth', calling for our very own hotel teams to step in and save the day (we like to call them our army of 'QPids'). Take a look at our favourite romantic blooper stories as told by our hotels. 

Saving The Day

We'll always help out a guest in trouble. So when one guest arrived for a romantic break and realised that he had left his wife's luggage at home, including evening wear, we arranged for her to visit a local boutique and had her favourite flowers and chilled Champagne waiting when she got back. It was the least we…sorry, he could do.

- Mottram Hall


Best Foot Forward

When a very flustered Best Man realised at the last minute that he'd left his wedding shoes at home 75 miles away, there was only one thing to do. One of our team instantly whipped off his own black brogues and handed them over, thus creating a story that the Bride and Groom still tell to this day.

- Mottram Hall

Puppy Love

A Bride and Groom wanted their beloved dog to be a special part of their day, so promoting him to ring bearer was the obvious choice. On the day, suddenly realising that the dog would obviously not be able to carry the rings down the aisle, the Best Man was frantically trying to find some way of tying the rings to the dog's collar. Oulton Hall to the rescue, providing a variety of ribbons with colours to match their colour scheme!

- Oulton Hall

Something New

A Bride staying with us the night before the wedding realised that she hadn't thought about buying a guest book so that her wedding guests could leave messages on their big day. With the Bride upset that she wouldn't have any memories from her guests of her wedding, the Events Manager promptly went to the local gift shop. She returned with a simple but elegant guest book to gift to the Bride on the morning of the wedding - her 'something new' - and the bride was delighted.

- Oulton Hall

Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In White

It's a Bride's prerogative to be late, but one of the most dreaded things that could happen to a Bride...getting make up on her wedding dress two minutes before she was due to walk down the aisle. As the Events Manager went to get the Blushing Bride to escort her to the ceremony, she found her in a distraught state, trying to hide the stain. Calling down the corridor for housekeeping to come quickly with some soap, a towel and a hair dryer, the stain was out within a matter of minutes. The Bride walked down the aisle with her head held high and no-one was any the wiser!

- Oulton Hall

Going To The Chapel…

When a nervous Groom-To-Be wanted to propose to his girlfriend on Bonfire Night, he asked the team at Crewe Hall to create the perfect romantic setting. Up to the challenge, the Porter and Restaurant team rallied around to set up the Chapel for the perfect proposal, complete with a candlelight setting and a cushion for the Groom to go down on one knee. Our Porter even took photographs so that the happy couple could remember the special moment forever.

- Crewe Hall

Get Me To The Church On Time

When a stretched hummer arrived at Bridgewood Manor to take to the Bride and Bridesmaids to the church, there seemed to be a problem…there was a flat tyre on the hummer! With the Bride starting to panic, the hotel staff all rallied around to get the tyre changed so the Bride could get to her ceremony on time.

- Bridgewood Manor

Forget Me Not

When a nervous Groom forgot his cravat and shoes for the big day, the Concierge promptly ran out and bought him some new ones, even matching them to the colour scheme and theme of the wedding! The Groom breathed a sigh of relief and the Bride had no idea that her future husband nearly exchanged vows in his socks!

- Bridgewood Manor

Room For One More?

When a bridal party arrived at Bridgewood Manor, the Bride started to panic when an extra family turned up. No problem for the Bridgewood team who arranged another table, meal and drinks package for the family and even typed up another table plan. It turns out that the bride had sent them the wrong invite, inviting them to the daytime as well as the evening reception instead of just the evening - the guests never knew that they were not meant to be invited and that they were nearly not catered for!

- Bridgewood Manor


(PS. They all live Happily Ever After…)

Do you have any romantic bloopers? Post your comments below and tell us about them!


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