Love is in the air

Who ever said that it has to be Valentine's Day for us to celebrate love? Definitely not us! We simply adore the notion of romance and everything that comes with it.

From candlelit dinners, to walking hand-in-hand and the occasional bunch of blooming flowers, our recent research has shown that romance is all about the little gestures.

  Though the huge, life-changing occasions like getting engaged and married top the list of romantic gestures, to many of us, getting a nice breakfast in bed, a surprise dinner out or a surprise weekend away are very-appreciated gestures - it just goes to show that it is those small but meaningful gestures that do really count.

  This old-fashioned notion of romance is well and truly thriving, too - in fact, our research showed us that 82% of those aged 18 to 24 would label themselves and their partner as a romantic - that's more than any other age group!

  Love and commitment can be long-standing, but our research suggests that, over time, our romantic side has a bad habit of quietly slipping away. So, to combat this, we've gathered together some of our top tips for creating a perfectly romantic, elegant evening to  spend  with your significant other.

Select your setting

Whether it's a favourite restaurant, a weekend break in a new city or even a spruced up dining room at home, selecting the perfect setting is integral to creating a romantic atmosphere. While you want to feel comfortable and socially uninhibited by your environment, choosing somewhere that's less everyday will help make the night feel altogether more special.

Don't book a table somewhere where one of you are at risk of feeling overwhelmed, but in the same vein, be sure to opt for something a little grander than a local pub restaurant!

Dress to impress

Leave the comfy clothes at home - if it's a romantic evening you're after,  looking  the part means you're halfway there! Not only will your partner undoubtedly appreciate you looking spectacular, the more important factor is that you feel incredible, and at your absolute best  too.

Spoil your special someone

Aside from birthdays, Christmas and maybe your anniversary, how often do you get the chance to spoil your significant other? When our day-to-day lives are so busy, it's tough to pick up treats unless there's some kind of event as a prompt, but an evening like  this  offers both of you the perfect opportunity to really consider the other, and pick them out a perfect gift.

Whether that's a small something you know they've been after for ages, something they really deserve like a relaxing day at the spa or a weekend city break, or even something that reminds you both of a lovely shared moment, it's sure to be appreciated.

Enjoy - and do let us know if there's anything you'd add for a truly loved-up evening!

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