Winter Warmers

Though we've had an unseasonably mild autumn, there's no denying that the weather is on a downward spiral. From savage winds to icy rain, winter is well and truly on its way - and the effect it can have on our bodies and minds is something that surprises us year after year.

From repeated tensing up against the elements to putting your skin through temperature extremes, we're exposed to a lot during this bleak season, so it's important that we learn how to unwind our tense bodies and relax our minds. After all, it may be a brutal season, but that doesn't mean our lives get any quieter - in fact, quite the opposite!

Our spas are designed to help you do just that - relax in luxury. With spas across the length and breadth of Great Britain, we're certain that we can be on hand to help you unwind - but which treatments are best for helping overcome the effects of winter? Here, we're going to answer just that.

Treatments for…

...Being run off your feet

This time of year always feels like a mad, mad rush. Whether it's trying to meet work deadlines before the year is out, prepping Christmas presents, or just trying to keep up with your social calendar, it's a hectic season, and your feet are likely to feel the impact as you quite literally run from one thing to the next.

Solution:Our GELeration Foot Spa Ritual. Relax into a foot massage, moisturise and gel manicure with Jessica's long-lasting gel polish - a glorious 60 minutes of foot-care bliss.

…The repeat shoulder-tensers

Whether you're battling against wind, preventing rain from slipping down your neck or merely trying to stay warm, winter is a bad season for those that have a tendency to tense their shoulders. Before long, your muscles are tight, aching and even sore - basically, the antithesis of festive cheer.

Solution:The Relaxing Face and Back Ritual with ESPA. Combining exfoliation with an aromatherapy back, face and scalp massage, this bespoke treatment is sure to relax the muscles of any prolific shoulder-tenser.

…The skin that's seeking hydration

From the bitterly cold outdoors to the artificially-heated indoors, we put our skin through a lot in the winter. Many of us realise this all-too-late, and it means that we end up in a place where we're panicking about helping our poor, dried-out skin rather than preventing it in the first place.

Solution: A Rebalancing Ritual with ESPA. Sooth your skin from top-to-toe with this treatment! Take a personalised facial with a scalp massage as well as an uplifting foot and lower leg exfoliation - perfect for treating your dried-out skin.

…Escaping the festive chaos

Christmas shopping. Parties. Drinks. Wrapping presents. The Christmas food shop. If we've not articulated the point enough already, it suffices to say that the festive season is well and truly barmy! And, no matter how much we love it, it's fair to say that there will undoubtedly come a time this winter when we just need a break away from it all.

Solution: Treat yourself to an overnight spa break, which you can book stress-free online. Enjoy all the facilities that our wide range of spas have to offer, and truly allow yourself to relax - body and mind - this winter. 

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