Present Picking for Fussy Friends

We love the festive season, and everything that comes with it. From roast turkey and mince pies to the smell of real Christmas trees - there's a lot to enjoy over Christmas, but as we all know, there's a lot of preparation involved too, especially when it comes to presents.  

When picking out presents for friends and family goes really well, there's a definite feeling of achievement involved - but isn't there always one person who's seemingly impossible to buy for? While we're sure it's not intentional, picking out the perfect present for a fussy friend is one sure fire way to take the Christmas prep from pleasant to stressful. Plus, there is no better time to get tips than over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend when there are some great deals to be had.  So, below, you'll find some of our ideas for picking out that present that'll have them smiling on Christmas day.  Good luck, and merry Christmas!

Give them… adventure

We can't pretend that experience day-style gifts are a new notion, but forget track days and hot air balloon rides - there are a wide range of experiences to be had or, rather, given this Christmas!

Hop to London and take in the view from the top of the Shard, go zorbing, bungee jumping, or even head to a local vineyard for some wine tasting! In short, there are so many adventure-based options around, you're sure to find one to suit both you and your fussy pal. After all, adventures are best explored together!

…a weekend away

There are very few people who wouldn't appreciate a weekend away from the stresses of everyday life.

Whether you think your friend would love a city break, or could use some time in Britain's stunning countryside, a weekend away could be just what they need - especially if you're offering to throw in child or pet care overnight! With our special offers, it won't cost the world to give your friend a real treat, either.

…a show

Whether it's the West End or Broadway, an upbeat musical or a provocative play, there's something for all when it comes to the stage.

Book yourself and your friend some tickets for a performance a few weekends after Christmas, and not only will you get to see something brilliant at the theatre, you'll be doing something lovely together, too!

…a relaxing spa treat

Quite simply, there are few better ways to unwind than with a visit to a good spa. Be it for a day or for a short break, making the most of the facilities, and booking yourself in for a few lovely treatments is one sure-fire way to make anyone smile this Christmas.

Besides, it's a pretty good excuse to book yourself in for some relaxation time too! Be sure to take a look at our current deals - you might be surprised by what you can afford this festive season.

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