Wedding Trends 2015

What a year it's been for weddings at QHotels! As we approach the end of 2015, enjoy our round-up of our favourite wedding trends from the last 12 months.


Colour of the year

They've endured a long banishment since the 1980s but this year pastels were back!  Across our venues we've seen a range of softer hues made a comeback for bridesmaids' dresses, bouquets and reception decor - with mint green right at the top of the list.

Venue Styling

Hanging decorations and aerial displays took over our hotels this year. From battery-operated lights and lanterns to paper pompoms and mini hot air balloons, this year's décor simply had to be suspended from the ceiling.

Wedding themes

Move over vintage tea-cups, 2015 was the year when Industrial Chic took centre stage. We saw metal table numbers, letterpress invitations and dramatic lighting.  Yes, our city centre wedding venues at The Queens and The Midland naturally lent themselves to this theme, but we also saw brides and grooms in our more leafy locations express their own personality or part of the story of their relationship through use of this urban theme.


Blame TV shows like 'Don't Tell The Bride', or a dose of healthy competition with other newlywed pals, but we've seen a move towards grooms becoming increasingly discerning about how their big day will look.  And what's the element our grooms were most particular about?  Our wedding co-ordinators tell us it's the food and drink choices.  Wedding brunch, anyone?

Wedding speeches

Inspired by Tom Fletcher or simply inspired to make use of technology, wedding speeches are getting more creative!  We even launched the UK's first Wedding Speech Awards this year to celebrate the best of our nation's speeches and inspire the nervous speech-givers of 2016.

Outdoor weddings

Call our brides and grooms optimists, but we definitely saw an increase in the numbers who were prepared to bet on a sunny day and plan for an outdoor ceremony.  And with options like our Rose Gardens at Mottram Hall, who can blame them for taking a fingers crossed approach? (We tend towards being realists though, so we always had a beautiful indoor suite ready, just in case)

Naked cakes

We confess - we didn't see this one coming: Cakes with icing-free edges were a surprise addition to many a wedding reception in 2015 and while we love their rustic charm, we don't envy the cake-makers who can no longer rely on that layer of icing to cover up any bumpy edges…

Gary Barlow

It seemed it wasn't a wedding this year unless Gary Barlow turned up as a surprise guest, and serenaded the bride. Suggesting this was a this-year-only hobby though Gary recently tweeted: "I'll look back fondly at 2015 as the year of the wedding crasher!"


 So, there it is, our round up for 2015. Have you planned or attended any weddings this year? Which key trends did you see? Leave your comments below!


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