Using brainwaves to improve the QHotels event experience


Here at QHotels, getting feedback from our corporate guests after a conference is a hugely important part of delivering the best events in the business. But we decided to take that a step further and find out what organisers and attendees were actually thinking and feelingduringa conference, to ensure that every event at our venues is as successful as possible.

Earlier this year, we conducted ground-breaking research to enhance the award-winning service we deliver for conferences and events at our 26 hotels.

We fitted organisers and delegates at conferences with the latest hi-tech EEG (electroencephalogram) headsets, which monitored the different brainwaves, enabling us to capture the stresses and strains, and the high points and low points, involved in organising, attending or speaking at a conference.

We uncovered some fascinating results, including:

  • After three and a half minutes of a presentation delegates' concentration levels began to fade
  • Speakers felt nerves on average two minutes before they started to present
  • Stress levels were at their highest 32 minutes before the event began
  • Delegates began to focus on their hunger pangs 12 minutes before they expected the lunch break
  • The majority of delegates who took notes, photos or used social media during the event, processed the information more fluently and remained engaged for longer

The findings have already allowed us to make recommendations for conference organisers holding an event at QHotels, including:

  • Ensuring early access to conference facilities for set up and arrival
  • Providing a relaxing 'Green Room' for speakers to overcome nerves
  • Organising 'surprise' lunchtimes to avoid the drop in concentration levels
  • Encouraging delegates to use social media during events to increase engagement

If you want to discover all of our findings, you can download the full Brainwaves Report here.

And in 2016 we will be looking at how brainwaves research could influence other areas of our customer service, from leisure to food and beverage offerings.

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