Carbon Offsetting for conferences, meetings & events

Is corporate responsibility at the heart of your business?
Do your bit when it comes to green meetings and minimise your impact on our world from as little as 14p per day delegate.

QHotels are delighted to give you the opportunity to take part in a carbon offsetting initiative with your conferences, meetings and events. This involves a small contribution per delegate towards the initiative as follows:
Day Delegate - 14p
24hr Delegate - 40p
What is carbon offsetting?
Your conference can impact the environment simply by using the air conditioning during your event or even just by using electricity while you are at the hotel. Carbon offsetting balances the carbon emissions produced by an activity with equivalent reductions in carbon emissions elsewhere. These reductions are achieved through investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency or reforestation projects in the developing world, that would not have been possible without the finance generated by the sale of carbon offset credits. 
Where does the contribution go?
We have teamed up with The Darfur Low Smoke Stoves Project. Across Africa millions of people cook and heat water on charcoal and wood open fires in their homes. Using wood and charcoal emits high levels of indoor air pollution, is damaging to the local environment and is carbon emissions intensive. Carbon Clear, in partnership with charity Practical Action has developed a project funded by corporate organisations that helps families in Darfur, Sudan buy new, cleaner low smoke cookstoves. To find out more about the project click here.

What initiative will you be contributing towards?
All contributions made through QHotels will go towards The Darfur Low Smoke Stoves project helps to improve household health by replacing traditional cooking methods, burning wood and charcoal inside the home, with low smoke LPG stoves. Burning wood and charcoal releases large amounts of particulates, carbon monoxide and other pollutants. According to the World Health Organisation, prolonged exposure to biomass smoke is a major health risk, contributing to acute respiratory infections and other ailments in children. Find out more about the contributons and project here.

To see the full details of the Carbon Offsetting Project click here.

How do you take part?
We have added a tick box on to our online enquiry form, so if you wish to take part in this fantastic cause, simply tick the box upon initial enquiry. We will then issue your proposal with the total contribution highlighted separately on the final invoice. Taking part in the scheme allows you to negate carbon emissions produced by your delegates when travelling to a conference, meeting or event at QHotels as well as during their stay with us.
Click here to enquire online.

Independent Assurance:
This project complies with the additionality criteria established by the Clean Development Mechanism. The carbon offset credits have been verified by an accredited third party auditor and are Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) certified.

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