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The Carrick

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The Carrick on Loch Lomond is the 71-par course designed by the acclaimed golf course designer Doug Carrick. This stunning course uses every inch of the dramatic landscape straddling the fault lines between the Scottish lowlands and highlands with nine holes set in each.

Elevated holes offer spectacular views of Loch Lomond to the west and Ben Lomond to the north, this stimulating and challenging course for golfers of all abilities has played host to the Ladies Scottish Open and recently to the PGA Cup. 

It boasts a spectacular layout, offering a truly memorable day's golf of magnificently maintained velvet greens and testy sloping fairways. Nine holes stick to classic Scottish Lowland along the banks of Loch Lomond, while the other nine make you climb to tackle Highland heath and tee off on sloping fairways. Beware the distraction of the loch as you traverse the various lagoons and an incredible 118 bunkers. 

Make use of the stunning practice facility and prepare yourself for the island green in the middle of a lagoon, the perfect test for the most accomplished of golfers. A truly breathtaking day's golf deep in the Highlands. Down by the Loch. True love awaits all who rise to the challenge.

The Carrick is located a stones throw away from Cameron House and our concierge will transport guests to the Carrick Resort. 

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The Carrick Golf Course

The Carrick Scorecard

A tough opening hole, with a slight left to right dog-leg. An attempt to squeeze your drive down the right hand side will give you the most straightforward approach to the green, although be aware of the water hazard hugging the right hand side of the fairway. Aiming for the left hand side, you risk going into one of four bunkers, strategically positioned to catch any slightly pulled tee shot. Remember the putting surface is angled to reward the brave who take the riskier approach from the tee and succeed.

  • Hole 1 : Par 429 yards Par 4

The first of five par 3s and one of the course's many signature holes, this hole presents a spectacular challenge with pinpoint accuracy required from the outset. A carry of over 160 yards leaves precious little room for error, especially if the pin is tucked away on the right hand side of the green. A deep bunker protects the left side of the putting surface, however there is more green over the bunker than is apparent from the tee. Make good use of it.

  • Hole 2: The Bead 174 yards Par 3

One of many tough driving holes on the Carrick with obvious dangers down the right hand side that has gathered the ball of many a carefree driver. The bunker on the left is the best line to take from the tee, however big hitters may need to take a 3 wood to stay short of the traps. A tricky approach to the green is guarded on the left by two bunkers and right by the dreaded water.

  • Hole 3: Fruin Water 428 yards par 4

Definitely one of the most memorable holes on the course, the fourth is hugged up the left side by a mirror-like tranquil lake. A safety first tee shot is needed here with many players opting for a 3 wood or a long iron. The green itself has no bunkers to protect it, although with the water short and left, you must still proceed with caution. Don't be too bold with the approach as the out of bounds is lurking only a few paces through the green. Any second shot finishing front right on the putting surface should be rewarded with a par and a spectacular view of the loch.

  • Hole 4: Bruce 409 yards par 4

The first of four very testing par fives, the fifth hole winds its way slightly uphill to a large, well bunkered green. Of the two bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway, the tee shot should be aimed over the left trap as the fairway slopes right to left. Long hitters will need to be careful as the desired shape of shot from the tee is a fade, any drawing shot will be gathered up by three deep fairway bunkers. The second shot is to the widest part of the fairway with the only danger being a devious bunker lurking fifty yards short of the green. This generous green is guarded by four bunkers which shouldn't come into play for a wedged approach.

  • Hole 5: Arden 548 yards par 5

This the second par three presents a distinct challenge. From the tee all you can really see are the five bunkers which steadfastly guard the green. Make the middle of the green the only thought in your mind when playing this hole as any attempts to take on the pin on the left or right of the green would be seen as foolish to none but the most sniper like of pin-seekers.

  • Hole 6: Scratching Post 172 yards par 3

Perhaps the most spectacular driving hole on the course with Ben Lomond rising in the distance. A straight hole with a slight left to right sloping fairway, so any drive favouring the left side will gather towards the centre. Deviously positioned bunkers can capture any under-clubbed approach, and being too bold will give you a testy third shot due to the severe down slope at the rear of the green.

  • Hole 7: Ben Lomond 455 yards par 4

The second par five and the longest hole on the course offers a treacherous path from tee to green. A brave tee shot will flirt with the bunkers on the left to give a shorter second shot however any drive leaked right will make it a struggle to reach the green in three. Having navigated your way to the fairway the second shot is all about position. Longer hitters should be able to carry the fairway bunkers that cut into your line of sight whereas the majority of players should err on the side of caution and play a sensible lay-up. The approach shot is to a generous green guarded by five bunkers to ensnare the over zealous approach. If you avoid all fifteen bunkers on this hole then you are indeed a golfer…..or lucky.

  • Hole 8: Glen Fruin 611 yards par 5

The straight but steeply climbing ninth is a very difficult driving hole unless you are downwind. Those who cannot make the carry over the brow of the hill face a tough second shot from an upslope making it very difficult to reach the green in two shots. Big hitters that carry over the hill will be rewarded with a generous amount of run. From here you should only need a mid iron approach to a generous putting surface guarded only by one lonely bunker.

  • Hole 9: Vikings Grave 437 yards par 4

This well bunkered fairway features devilishly positioned traps to the left and right. The second shot plays one club more than you might think due to the change in elevation and is to a very deep green, so be wary of the pin position as misjudgement could result in a very lengthy and sloping putt to the pin. Once on the High Road green you may be forgiven for thinking you are in heaven itself. The views to the right of Ben Lomond and to the Loch itself are quite simply astonishing. True love awaits the seeker of golf heaven on the tenth

  • Hole 10: High Road 394 yards par 4

This straight par 5 which playing slightly downhill and feeling slightly shorter than the yardage suggests. The centre of the fairway is your desired position from the tee as traps lie in wait to the left and right for any wayward driver. For the more powerful this is your chance to hit the green in two to set up a possible eagle. The approach to the green should be treated with caution as the green itself is long and narrow. Any shots too far left will kick even further left due to the steep slope and any shot missing right will be swallowed up by two of the most cavernoust bunkers on the course.

  • Hole 11: Quern Stone 581 yards par 5

The third of five par threes offers a very stern test even for the most accomplished of golfers. Playing slightly longer than the yardage suggests a 3 wood or driver is the popular choice from the black tee. The green slopes considerably from back left to front right so be cautious when putting from above the hole. The safe shot here would be to aim for the right half of the green as any shots that leak this side should face an uphill putt or a straightforward chip shot up the length of the green.

  • Hole 12: Boiden 231 yards par 3

A dog leg right to left with well positioned traps on the left and right of the fairway, the adventurous line is over the bunkers on the left rewarding the brave with a mid-iron second shot. Those who drift right will need a long iron or 3 wood in order to reach this par 4 in two. The second shot can be allowed to drift slightly right as the slope feeds in from that side to mercifully help you keep to the fairway.

  • Hole 13: Auchentullich Wood 449 yards par 4

The signature fourteenth provides players with yet again more stunning views of Ben Lomond and across Loch Lomond. A dramatic tee shot from an elevated tee to a green that is well guarded by five bunkers. When playing this hole be aware that all on the tee will seem calm, however just watch the flight of the ball as it soars above the treeline.

  • Hole 14: Tappit Doon 199 yards par 3

The fourth and final par 5 is a dog leg right to left that as the name suggests hugs the banks of the Loch. One of the trickiest tee shots on the course, accuracy is key. The best line from the tee is on the edge of the first bunker, anyone fancying a crack at the green in two must draw the ball over the traps in order to take advantage of the down slope. The second for most will be a long iron or 3 wood for position with a wedge approach to follow. Once again, a well guarded green with two traps to the front and one to the left will prove testy.

  • Hole 15: Bonnie Banks 546 par 5

On the tee to the final par 3 you are once again faced with a battalion of bunkers. The green appears smaller than it actually is from the tee, but don't be fooled as the putting surface extends way past the left hand side bunker. Be warned of the trap through the back of the green as many have found their great shot to the heart of the green lie deep in a sandy grave.

  • Hole 16: Colquhoun 172 yards par 3

This is a demanding par 4 requiring an accurate drive with no room for error. The green is well protected with bunkers right and a water hazard left. The green itself is undulating so make sure you take notice of where the pin is situated before you attempt your approach to the green.

  • Hole 17: Ferry 425 yards par 4

This slight dog leg left to right calls for a gentle fade from the tee, however anything that is cut too much will end up in one of two fairway bunkers to the right. Once on the fairway the second shot looks straight forward, but don't be fooled as any slightly pulled shot will kick further left and end taking an early bath. The green is vast, as all are on the Carrick, however the eighteenth is mercifully more level than its predecessors, gradually sloping from back to front, so any shot finishing below the hole will leave an easy last putt.

  • Hole 18: Carrick Hame 422 yards par 4

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  • 27 hole golf complex
  • Beautiful highland landscape
  • Practice green for perfecting your putting
  • A challenge for all levels of golfer
  • Halfway house for mid round refreshments
  • Golf buggies available
  • PGA professional coaches
  • Golf shop with the latest equipment

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The Carrick Course Information

The Carrick on Loch Lomond is the 71-par course designed by the acclaimed golf course designer Doug Carrick. Find out more with our hole-by-hole guide.

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