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Resource Conservation

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint year on year by minimising our use of natural resources and reducing the waste we generate.

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How did we perform against 2012 objectives?

To maintain large reductions in utilities already made as a group and target ourselves with further savings of 2% for electricity and 4% for Gas

  • 2012 was cold and wet for much of the year, but in spite of this and increased Hotel occupancy our Carbon emissions were just 437 tonnes higher than the previous year and we continue to operate at 3,983 tonnes less than our benchmark year of 2008.

To install biomass boilers at three hotels

  • Biomass was installed at Norton Park and following a period of evaluation to ensure that the expected energy reductions were achieved Hellidon Lakes biomass was also installed with Aldwark Manor due to be installed very shortly

To roll out Electric vehicle Chargers to all our Hotels across the group where suitable

  • Additional chargers have been installed during the year, the roll out has slowed to allow the installation of the latest technology High speed chargers with installation for Nottingham Belfry and Chesford Grange due to be completed by the end of April

To have installed LPG and diesel digital meters at four hotels to assist with targeting and monitoring our utilities to enable further reductions in carbon emissions

  • A cost effective solution to this has still to be found

To implement improved energy management systems and processes

  • Our Carbon Management Tool is now in place and is assisting our targeting and monitoring and CRC data collation.

2014 Objectives

  • To reduce energy consumption at targeted and selected hotels by the application of tried and tested technologies.  
  • Voltage optimisation units to be installed
  • Boiler optimisation equipment to be installed
  • Installation of one further  Biomass heating boiler 
  • Installation of further Combined heat and Power units 
  • Programme of Retrofitting of LED light fittings in selected locations where simple lamp replacement is not feasible.  
  • Improve our targeting and monitoring software to relate consumption to weather conditions and occupancy 
  • Introduce targeting and monitoring of kitchen energy consumption at selected hotels initially and then roll out across the group 
  • As a Group to maintain Energy consumption at 2013 levels in spite of an anticipated increase in occupancy. 
  • To reduce water consumption of the group by a further 5% v 2013 

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