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CSR for Short Break Guests

Whilst all the QHotels team strive to ensure your stay with us is a brilliant experience, we understand that we also have a big responsibility to the environment.  That's why we are all committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter.

It is quite a mouthful but put simply what it means is, when it comes to the environment, we're the good guys!

So, whichever of our 27 fabulous hotels you are a guest of, please help us to ensure your stay doesn't cost the earth!

Simple ways you can help us help the environment:

Conserve energy - Please switch off any lights you aren't using and if the heating is on, save energy by ensuring windows are closed.

Give the car a break - Town or country, QHotels have loads to see and do locally.  So why not ask Reception for some great local walks or a public transport timetable?

Shop local - If you're lucky enough to have time to take in some shopping whilst you're with us, ask about the local markets, malls or shopping centres.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - We dispose of any recyclable rubbish responsibly.

Be Water Wise - Water is a very precious commodity so please don't waste it.

Don't throw the towel in - Washing and drying towels is one of any hotels biggest energy uses so please only use the towels you need.

Respect nature - We promote responsible use of the countryside so please refrain from littering, guard against fires and use footpaths and cycle-ways.

Support Green Tourism Business Scheme - Like QHotels, many businesses are trying to reduce their impact on the environment so please support them.

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